Criticism of Face Recognition at Stations, Expert: Residents Can Reject Tech – 8 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – KAI applies facial recognition technology to verify passengers when boarding.

The polemic arose when a post on X’s social media stated that passengers who did not register for facial recognition would only be allowed to enter the boarding room 10 minutes before departure. As a result, many passengers ended up recording their faces at the station.

But can we refuse to use facial recognition?

Elsam’s Executive Director, Wahyudi Djafar, explained that people can refuse to record their faces at the station. He said this right was protected by law.

“It is legally protected by law,” said Wahyudi to CNBC Indonesia, Tuesday (21/11/2023).

In the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law, he explains that data subjects have the right to object. Including refusing data processing.

KAI also cannot prohibit people from using its services if they refuse to carry out this innovation.

“In one of the PDP Laws, the data subject has the right to object. Including objecting to data processing,” he said.

He added, “processing personal data requires mandatory, consent from the data subject is required.”

Wahyudi admitted that he had also been asked to record his face. The field officer only said that and without any other explanation.

Wahyudi also did not find the rules regarding the policy for taking facial records. KAI should also add this policy.

“The new KAI privacy policy is related to the KAI Access application. Regarding the specific privacy policy explaining face recognition, I have not found it. The process of capturing the face is also not explained. How long it is stored,” said Wahyudi.

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