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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Health Social Security Administering Body (BPJS Health) is part of the national social security system which aims to provide health protection to the Indonesian people.

Similar to insurance, BPJS Health participants are required to pay participant contributions every month so they can get free health services at collaborating clinics and hospitals. However, there are times when someone is in arrears with BPJS Health contributions.

If you are in arrears, BPJS Health has a Phased Payment Plan (REHAB) program. REHAB is designed to make it easier for people whose contribution payments are in arrears, especially Non-Wage Recipient Workers (PBPU) and Non-Workers (BP) participants.

Through the REHAB program, JKN-KIS participants who have outstanding contributions can get relief by paying their contributions in stages.

However, there is a special way for participants who want to take part in the REHAB program, namely registering via the Mobile JKN application after fulfilling a number of conditions. So, how do you join the REHAB program so you can pay your fees in installments? Here’s how.

Requirements for Participating in the REHAB Program

There are a number of terms and conditions that must be met for prospective participants in the BPJS Health Contribution REHAB Program, namely.

  • Participants have arrears of more than 3 months (4-24 months)
  • Register via the Mobile JKN application or BPJS Health Care Center 165
  • Registration can be done until the 28th of the current month, except for February, registration is until the 27th
  • The maximum gradual payment period is 12 stages

How to Register for the REHAB Program

Meanwhile, the entire registration process for the BPJS Health REHAB program can only be done via the Mobile JKN application, namely.

  1. Open the Mobile JKN application
  2. Select “Gradual Payment Plan”
  3. An information column appears regarding the REHAB program, total arrears, terms and conditions
  4. A bill simulation column appears that participants can choose
  5. Participants agree to the terms and conditions of the REHAB program
  6. If registration is successful, participants just have to pay the installments according to the conditions of the chosen payment simulation

For your information, this arrears payment also takes into account a family’s arrears. Thus, program participants no longer need to register for the REHAB program for each family member.

Meanwhile, your BPJS Health membership status will become active again after all arrears and contributions for the current month have been paid in full.

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