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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) is committed to developing the BRILian Village program to empower rural areas to become economically advanced and independent. BRI also announced a village incubation program for BRILian Village, which will run until October 2023.

This program has been participated in by 3,178 villages who are actively moving, taking the initiative and committing to progress through the planned programs. This year, around 1000 villages have undergone empowerment training in the New Village BRILian 2023 program which consists of 3 batches.

In each batch, the participating villages have undergone training for 2 months and attended 11 online classes. Some of the discussions cover Leadership & Competency Mastery, Village Institutions & BUMDes, Entrepreneurship, Village Innovation, Village Digitalization, Communication Techniques, and thematic material according to village needs.

Deputy Main Director of BRI, Catur Budi Harto, said that this routine program which is held every year is a form of BRI’s commitment to carrying out its empowerment function.

The villages that are members of the BRILian Village program are expected to become a source of inspiration for progress through the implementation of superior village leadership practices and a spirit of collaboration to optimize village potential based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

“Hopefully this will inspire other villages to advance their villages. Because BRI’s concern in this activity is that BRILian Village can move to increase financial literacy and inclusion in the village. Where all village communities can access banking needs and get financial advisories through orderly corner,” said Catur in a written statement, Friday (27/10/2023).

With the end of batch 3 in mid-October, the list of the 40 best villages in each batch selected by BRI was complete. The 40 villages received awards from BRI.

Of the total, 15 participants will be given direct assistance by Padjadjaran University and BRI so that each village can use it to develop their potential, find the best solutions to existing problems and challenges.

Not only that, these 15 villages are also automatically nominated as the best BRILian Villages in the 2023 Nugraha Karya Night which will be held in Jakarta at the end of next year. Later, 5 winners will be selected as villages that have brilliant innovation in driving the economy. This assessment will go through a series of strict selection processes.

The BRILian Village Nugraha Karya Night itself is a form of BRI’s appreciation for villages that are actively moving to advance their villages through the BRILian Village program. It is hoped that the villages that are members of the BRILian Village program can become a source of inspiration for village progress that can be replicated in other villages.

The following is a list of the best BRILian Villages that will compete in Nugraha Karya 2023

Batch 1 (Total Participation: 266 Villages)

1. Indrajaya Village (Tasikmalaya, West Java)

2. Plumpungrejo Village (Blitar, East Java)

3. Jabung Village (Magetan, East Java)

4. Ngoran Village (Blitar, East Java)

5. Mlowokarangtalun Village (Grobogan, Central Java)

6. Pasangat Village (Banyumas, Central Java)

7. Bansari Village (Temanggung, Central Java)

8. Karangsambung Village (Kebumen, Central Java)

9. Janti Village (Klaten, Central Java)

10. Kedarpan Village (Purbalingga, Central Java)

11. Sambak Village (Magelang, Central Java)

12. Tamanmartani Village (Sleman, DI Yogyakarta)

13. Erorejo Village (Wonosobo, Central Java)

14. Sukomulyo Village (Gresik, East Java)

15. Somosari Village (Jepara, Central Java)

Batch 2 (Total Participation: 395 villages)

1. Padang Panjang Village (Tabalong, South Kalimantan)

2. Bongan Village (Tabanan, Bali)

3. Besan Village (Klungkung, Bali)

4. Kukuh Village (Tabanan, Bali)

5. Tejakula Village (Buleleng, Bali)

6. Keliki Village (Gianyar, Bali)

7. Angseri Village (Tabanan, Bali)

8. Paccellekang Village (Gowa, South Sulawesi)

9. Daenaa Village (Gorontalo, Gorontalo)

10. Nagari Sikabu-kabu Village (Fifty Cities, West Sumatra)

11. Nagari Taram Village (Fifty Cities, West Sumatra)

12. Nagari Sumpur Village (Tanah Datar, West Sumatra)

13. Tegal Mulyo Village (Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra)

14. Ibru Village (Muaro Jambi, Jambi)

15. Air Lengit Village (Riau, Riau Islands)

Batch 3 (Total Participation: 335 Villages)

1. Larep Village (Semarang, Central Java)

2. Cikaso Village (Kuningan, West Java)

3. Cisantana Village (Kuningan, West Java)

4. Kalibaru Village (Hulu Sungai Tengah, South Kalimantan)

5. Rembul Village (Tegal, Central Java)

6. Ledokombo Village (Jember, East Java)

7. Sarimanis Village (Karo, North Sumatra)

8. Gunung Malang Village (Situbondo, East Java)

9. Banyumas Village (Pringsewu, Lampung)

10. Mekarwangi Village (Pandeglang, Banten)

11. Kelawi Village (South Lampung, Lampung)

12. West Lenteng Village (Sumenep, East Java)

13. Puubunga Village (Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi)

14. Nepo Village (Barru, South Sulawesi)

15. Sondregeasi Village (South Nias, North Sumatra)

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