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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As the founder and owner of the largest furniture store chain in the world, Ingvard Kamprad certainly has abundant wealth. Bloomberg Index International In 2006 he estimated he had assets of US$ 58.7 billion or IDR 800 trillion, making him the fourth richest person in the world.

So, Forbes In 2010, he estimated that his assets were US$23 billion or Rp. 350 trillion. However, various guesses made by many well-known media did not provide any clarity at all.

Because the man from Sweden is not like other rich people who like to show off their wealth. He actually wanted to cover up his assets. This is not to avoid the tax officer. But because he is pure, he doesn’t want to be seen as showing off and being arrogant.

In an interview with Forbes In 2000, Kamprad said that his decision to live a simple lifestyle was a form of his responsibility as a human being. He thinks that rich people, like himself, should become ordinary people so they can understand each other.

By becoming an ordinary person, Kamprad was able to understand the real problems that were occurring. Including being able to think of a solution to the problem.

It is not known for certain when he did that. However, in 1976 he wrote a will which would later become the basis of IKEA’s business entitled “The Testament of Furniture Dealer”.

Through this 38-page article, one of the highlights is the belief that extravagance is a sin, and simplicity is a virtue. “Waste is a mortal sin at IKEA,” he said.

Even so, in the end, a will is not just a joke, but is applied in everyday life. Whether it’s for IKEA operations or Kamprad’s daily life.

In the written obituary New York Times, before he died in 2018, Kamprad lived a life far from luxury. When visiting IKEA stores around the world, he always takes super cheap economy class planes. Then continue with the second class train journey.

Not only that, Kamprad also often ate cheap food and stayed in hotels that had no stars at all. In fact, in his private house in Switzerland, his garage only has an old Volvo. Meanwhile, the wardrobe is filled with used clothes bought at flea markets.

To shave his head, he just goes to cheap barbers in urban shophouses. Then, when he wants to go on holiday he just needs to travel around Switzerland by bicycle.

All this was done not to avoid taxes, but to live a purely simple life. He doesn’t want to be seen as showing off, let alone being arrogant, by other people.

In short, he wants to live on an equal footing with other people and is willing to act like the poor. Not only that, he also wants a simple lifestyle to be implemented by all IKEA bosses and employees throughout the world.

Kamprad’s orders were then expressed in eight IKEA manifestation values, which essentially require employees in the office and in daily life to care for each other, be together, be kind, be humble and be responsible. One extension of the order is a ban on bosses from taking expensive airline classes during work visits.

Now Kamprad has died on January 27 2018. IKEA was also continued by his children. However, anyone will remember that IKEA is the fruit of the sweat of Ingvard Kamprad, who has always lived simply during his 92 years on earth.

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