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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – This is the story of Genghis Khan. He was a military commander who succeeded in uniting many Mongol tribes in northern China into one empire.

When he became ruler, he expanded his territory to all corners of the compass. Until its total territory reached 13.5 million km2. Practically, great hegemony certainly brings economic benefits.

In calculations South China Morning Post (SCMP), Genghis Khan has assets of US$ 120 trillion and is ranked as the richest Chinese person and the 2nd richest person in the world. Even so, the interesting story is not about his treasures, but about his grave.

Dangerous Curse

This richest Chinese man was actually born on the Onon River in 1115 AD with the real name Temujin. He only acquired the name Genghis Khan after declaring himself as Mongol emperor.

When he became Mongol Emperor, Genghis Khan became the ruler of the world in a relatively short time. According to Thomas J. Craughwell in The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History: How Genghis Khan’s Mongols Almost Conquered the World (2010), Genghis Khan succeeded in conquering the western and eastern sides of the world.

In the West, Genghis Khan succeeded in controlling parts of Europe and Central Asia. In Central Asia, in 1258 AD Genghis Khan even succeeded in overthrowing the Abbasid dynasty which had existed for 500 years. Meanwhile in the East, Genghis Khan succeeded in bringing the Chinese and Korean troops and people to their knees.

Of course, this step of conquest was taken in a cruel way. The nomadic Mongol troops did not hesitate to kill everyone in the process. They don’t care how many lives have been lost or the achievements that have occurred in the areas they visit.

They only want to take natural resources and seek hegemony alone. It is not surprising that Genghis Khan personally had assets of US$ 120 trillion, which if converted into rupiah would be unlimited.

Basically, everyone has their time. Genghis Khan’s life is certainly not eternal. He died in 1227 AD. Unfortunately, unlike other successful people who had a marker for death, Genghis Khan did not.

Quoting Paul Ratchmevsky’s presentation in Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy (1991), Genghis Khan’s body was buried with the loot, but no one knew about his grave according to his request.

As a result of this request, it is said that 2,000 guests and dozens of horses were killed so that no one would know about their graves. Not only that, the workers and military who were on duty at that time also had the same fate.

To the point that pilgrims who just wanted to come and pray were also killed. In the end, this method succeeded in making Genghis Khan’s tomb mysterious. However, this does not mean that today experts are not trying to find his grave.

Quote National Geographic, in 2017 there was a group of experts who wanted to find the grave of the richest man with the help of satellite imagery. Unfortunately, until now these efforts have not produced results.

The reason is because of the curse factor. As far as conducting searches, the expert team had difficulty getting support from local residents. The reason is, they believe that searching for the grave will bring a terrible curse.

Residents were afraid that if the team actually found the tomb, disaster would befall them. On this basis, they prefer to remain silent and do not want this search to take place out of respect for Genghis Khan.

“Residents have the belief that no one should interfere with Genghis Khan’s statement. Previously, Genghis Khan had said that no one should explore the mountain and its surroundings apart from the royal family,” said Albert Yu-Min Lin, a research team member to Straits Times.

In fact, this disastrous case is not nonsense. In 2002, citing the site Scotsman, there was once a team from the US who wanted to find food for Genghis Khan. Unfortunately, in the middle of the search, a series of disasters occurred.

At the location of the alleged grave, the entire research team was bitten by a poisonous snake that came suddenly. Then, the car’s brakes don’t work. Researchers failed and local residents believed it was caused by a curse.

It is on this basis that due to the terrible curse story, Genghis Khan’s tomb is still a mystery.

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