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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Honda has a newly released electric folding motorbike. This is a new version of the e-scooter inspired by the Honda Motocompo, a legendary motorbike from the 80s.

The mini scooter, dubbed the All-new Honda Motocompacto, has a slim and simple body and an ultra-compact folding design. This motorbike is sold for US$995 (Rp. 15 million)

The zero-emission Motocompacto is designed for urban mobility, and provides alternative transportation to reduce carbon.

“Motocompacto supports our goal of carbon neutrality by helping customers in transportation without emissions as a whole,” said Jane Nakagawa, vice president of the American Honda Motor R&D Business Unit, quoted from Honda’s official page, Friday (10/11/2023).

It has a maximum speed of 15 mph and a zero-emission range of up to 12 miles. The Motocompacto can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours in both folded and ready-to-ride configurations using a 110v general power outlet.

Motocompacto carries a 490W single permanent-magnet dynamo combined with a 6.8 Ah battery.

When folded, the handlebars, seat, footsteps and rear wheel will enter the body.

Because it is uniquely foldable, the Motocompacto can quickly transform into a compact, lightweight and stackable tote bag making it easy to carry in vehicles, public transportation, or stored in narrow spaces.

It can also be connected to an app on a cellphone, allowing riders to adjust personal settings, including lighting and riding modes via Bluetooth.

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