How to Hide Cell Phone Number on Get Contact Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Get Contact application is one way to search for someone’s information. With just a cellphone number, users can search for information or identities of people who are not yet in their contacts.

However, this information can be annoying for users. Because personal information contained in other people’s contact names, such as place of work or community, can be found through Get Contact.

One way to avoid this is to hide the cell phone number in Get Contact. This application has a feature called Visibility which is responsible for undetecting user numbers.

If Visibility is used, other users who search for your cell phone number in Get Contact will not get tag information results as before.

How to hide cell phone number in Get Contact

Here’s how to hide your cellphone number in Get Contact:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Login with WhatsApp or SMS. If you have WhatsApp, scan the QR Code displayed and send the text to the WhatsApp Get Contact account
  3. Users will go to the Home page
  4. Select the Visibility Settings menu
  5. Slide the toggle to turn off Search Visibility
  6. Next a notification will appear and select the Yes button

Done your number has been hidden. You can try it by searching for the cellphone number in the application.

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