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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Breast cancer is one of the biggest scourges on health and always occupies the top position in most cancer cases in the world.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes RI), breast cancer is the cancer with the most cases in Indonesia. Globocan 2020 data shows that breast cancer cases in Indonesia have reached 68,858 with a death rate of more than 22 thousand people.

For information, breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms when cells in the breast grow abnormally and mutate to form lumps of flesh called tumors or cancer.

Even though Indonesian society has begun to realize the threat of breast cancer, a number of myths related to this cancer which can also attack men are still widespread in society.

One of the most popular myths about the causes of breast cancer is that bras with wires can increase the risk of breast cancer. So, is it true that underwire bras can cause breast cancer?

Eka Hospital Bekasi Oncology Consultant, dr. Budi Harapan Siregar revealed that the notion that tight wire bras can trigger breast cancer is a myth. Because, until now there is no scientific evidence that can prove this.

“Even though it has been circulating in society, this assumption (wired bras cause breast cancer) is just a myth,” said Dr. Budi in his statement, quoted Tuesday (31/10/2023).

“Using a tight bra may cause pain if worn too often, but it is not believed to cause cancer. There is not enough scientific evidence to prove that wire bras cause breast cancer,” he explained.

Nevertheless, dr. Budi emphasized that all women are at risk of breast cancer. Meanwhile, influencing factors are genetic factors, age, reproductive system, history of certain medications, and body weight.

“A history of certain treatments, such as radiotherapy (radiation) treatment and hormone therapy treatment, increases the risk of breast cancer,” said Dr. Budi.

“Women who experience menstruation earlier or menopause later and are overweight are also at greater risk of developing breast cancer,” he continued.

How to Detect Breast Cancer
The Ministry of Health and the Indonesian Cancer Foundation ask women to routinely carry out self-breast examinations (BSE). This is to detect breast cancer early in order to reduce the death rate by up to 43 percent. Apart from that, BSE is also a priority form of the Indonesian Government in treating breast cancer.

Generally, the symptoms of breast cancer are a painless lump in the breast, a change in the texture of the breast skin in the form of hardening with a surface resembling an orange peel, a wound that does not heal, discharge accompanied by blood spots, and a depression or pulling in the skin of the breast.

There are six BSE steps that can be taken to detect breast cancer, the Indonesian Cancer Foundation recommends doing them 7-10 days after menstruation, namely.

1. Stand straight with your arms dangling in front of the mirror, then pay attention to whether there are any changes to the shape and surface of the breast skin, such as swelling and/or changes to the nipples.

2. Place both hands above your head. In this position, check the shape and size of the breasts carefully.

3. Place both hands on your waist and move your arms up to your shoulders forward to see more clearly whether there are lumps in your breasts.

4. Press the breast in circles to feel whether there are lumps that could potentially cause cancer.

5. Press the nipple gently to check whether abnormal fluid comes out.

6. Repeat the five steps above, but in a lying position. The method is to raise your arms up and place a small pillow under your right shoulder. In doing this step, use the tips of your fingers and press all over the breast up to around the armpit.

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