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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some people may still not understand the difference between the Health Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) and the Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS).

In general, BPJS Health and KIS are both affordable health protection services with various benefits. Not only that, both were also issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which aims to ensure the health of all people in the country.

However, beyond that, it turns out there are differences between the two programs. Reported from the Ministry of Communication and Information website. The following are the differences between BPJS Health and KIS compiled from various sources.

1. Participants

BPJS Health health insurance is mandatory for all Indonesian people, including newborn babies, so BPJS Health participants are all Indonesian people. Meanwhile, KIS is only intended for people who cannot afford it.

Thus, JKN program participants are classified into two groups, namely:

a. Community groups are required to register and pay contributions, either paying themselves or contributing together with their employers.

b. Poor and underprivileged groups are registered and their contributions are paid by the government.

2. Health facilities

The BPJS Health card is only valid at clinics/puskesmas that have been registered with BPJS Health, while the KIS is valid at all health facilities, whether in clinics, health centers or at any hospital.

3. Benefits

BPJS Health participants must be sick or wish to seek treatment to use a BPJS Health card, while KIS can be used for both treatment and prevention.

4. Dues

BPJS Health participants are required to pay contributions every month. Contributions for BPJS Health participants are IDR 150 thousand for class 1, IDR 100 thousand for class 2 and IDR 35 thousand for class 3. Meanwhile, KIS participants do not need to pay contributions every month, because KIS participants receive subsidies from the government.

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