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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Anesthesiologist specialist in Palestine, dr. Mueen Al Shurafa, reportedly died after his house was hit by an Israeli bomb attack, Monday (6/11/2023). Doctor Mueen is a graduate of Sebelas Maret State University (UNS) in Indonesia.

This sad news was conveyed by one of Dr. Mueen, Dr. Novierta Prima Kusumandaru or dr. Aan via upload on his personal X (formerly Twitter) account. Based on this upload, dr. Aan is a colleague of Dr. Mueen at UNS.

“Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. Dr. Mueen Al Shurafa, a Palestinian anesthesia specialist who graduated from Indonesia, has passed away. His house was hit by an Israeli bomb. God willing, he was martyred,” wrote Dr. Aan, quoted Tuesday (7/11/2023).

According to Dr. Aan, Dr. Mueen was offered to stay in Indonesia after studying at UNS. However, Dr. Mueen rejected the offer and decided to serve in Palestine.

“There are many good memories about Dr. Mueen, but what I most want to share is his patriotic and brave spirit. After graduating he was offered to live in Indonesia, but nothing could dampen his desire to return to help the Palestinians,” said Dr. Aan.

Apart from Dr. Aan, UNS also shared the information and expressed condolences for the death of Dr. Mueen. Based on information, dr. Mueen is an alumnus of 2018 graduate of Anesthesia Specialist Education.

“The leadership and entire extended family of Sebelas Maret University are deeply saddened by the death of: Dr. Mueen Al Shurafa, Anesthetist Specialist Doctor in Palestine, 2018 Alumnus of Anesthesia Specialist Education, Faculty of Medicine, UNS,” wrote UNS via the official X account (@11MarchUniv).

Dr. Mueen Al Shurafa Sp.An is one of the recipients of the Indonesian Red Crescent Scholarship (BSMI) to study specialist medicine at UNS. According to BSMI, dr. Mueen is quite active in providing news regarding conditions in Gaza, Palestine.

“He just reported the latest conditions in Palestine. He reported about the victims of phosphorus bombs falling,” wrote BSMI via its official Instagram account (@bsmi_id).

“O Allah, grant martyrdom to Dr. Mueen. The doctor who was willing to fly tens of kilometers to study specialist medicine in Indonesia with the support of a BSMI scholarship studied at UNS and then after completion returned to serve in Gaza. Until he was martyred by the invaders’ attack yesterday,” continued BSMI.

As of Monday (6/11/2023), the Hamas-run Ministry of Health reported that the total number of victims killed in Gaza was more than 10 thousand people. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 victims were children.

Meanwhile, a number of hospitals in Gaza were reported to have collapsed. In fact, the largest hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa Hospital, will reportedly stop operating immediately if no fuel enters Gaza.

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