Pertamina Overtakes US Giant to Become RI’s Largest Oil Producer News – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chairman of Commission VII DPR RI Sugeng Suparwoto revealed that oil production in the Rokan Block managed by PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) was at the level of 164 thousand barrels per day (bpd). This figure has at least exceeded oil production in the Cepu Block.

Sugeng is also grateful that after being taken over by Pertamina in August 2021, production in the Rokan Block remains stable and is at the level of 164 thousand bpd. Meanwhile, for the Cepu Block which is managed by an oil and gas company from the United States, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd (EMCL), production is currently below 160 thousand bpd.

“Now that the Rokan Block has been taken over by Pertamina, we are grateful that production remains at 164 thousand barrels per day,” he said on CNBC Indonesia’s Energy Corner program, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

He explained that the backbone of national oil production currently only comes from two large oil and gas blocks, namely the Rokan Block and the Cepu Block.

However, Sugeng is pessimistic that the oil lifting production target in the 2023 APBN of 660 thousand bpd will be achieved. Moreover, national oil production has not yet experienced a significant increase.

“Even with various technical and non-technical issues, it seems difficult to achieve the APBN target that we have set in the 2023 APBN,” he said.

Previously, the Head of SKK Migas, Dwi Soetjipto, appreciated what PHR had done so far. The reason is, not only was it successful in preventing the decline or halting the decline in production, the company was also able to increase oil production in Indonesia’s oldest field.

Meanwhile, Rokan Block production is known to be at the level of 162-165 thousand barrels per day. This condition then places the Rokan Block as the number one largest oil producer in Indonesia currently.

“Current production is 162-165 thousand barrels and it is the number one largest oil producer in Indonesia at the moment. So thank you, Mrs. Nicke, Mr. Wiko for their leadership, proving that Pertamina is not inferior to Chevron,” said Dwi at the inauguration of the non-Oil and Gas Gulamo well. conventional (MNK) in Duri Field, Rokan Block, Thursday (27/7/2023).

Based on SKK Migas records, the number of wells successfully drilled by PHR in the Rokan Block has now reached 500-600 wells. This figure is much greater than when Chevron carried out activities before transferring management.

“From around 500-600 wells, PHR drills 40 wells per month so there is a drill every day. So PHR friends drilled in Rokan in just five days and there is an integrated team that prepares the drilling field itself and makes connections between the wells and others every day they are close,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Oil and Gas (Dirjen Migas) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Tutuka Ariadji, said that currently oil production in the Banyu Urip oil field, Cepu Block, has decreased again to a production level of 140 thousand barrels per day (bpd).

According to him, this condition is different from oil production managed by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE), which has recently shown an increase.

“If I look at PHE, it’s improving, Pertamina’s is improving, because in OSES the aging pipes are starting to be replaced with new pipes, they’re starting to be finished and they’re starting to rise again. But in other places it’s actually declining, like Banyu Urip ( “oil production) has fallen so now it is around 140 (thousand barrels per day). So what is going down and down is other companies, Pertamina has started to go up,” explained Tutuka when met at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Jakarta, quoted Monday (6/ 11/2023).

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