Calls emerge to boycott Scarlett after Israel Lifestyle video controversy – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Intending to seek sympathy, the owner of the Scarlett beauty brand, Felicya Angelista, instead received criticism from netizens after speaking out regarding the war between Israel and Palestine, last Monday (6/11/2023).

Through her personal Instagram account (@felicyangelista_), Felicya uploaded a video expressing sympathy for the victims of war. With tears in her eyes, Felicya positioned herself as a mother and admitted that she was sad about what children in Gaza, Palestine, were experiencing.

“I pray for a ceasefire so that there will be peace and this war can stop,” said Felicya in her video, quoted on Wednesday (8/11/2023).

“As a mother, I see many children who are victims, especially in Palestine. Seeing young children have no hope, no future,” she continued.

However, the 29 year old young entrepreneur immediately received criticism from netizens because he was seen as supporting Israel more. Because, Felicya tends to show video footage of when Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7 2023.

Meanwhile, a number of video clips inserted by Felicya are videos with the narrative “Israeli civilians ran to save themselves after being attacked and their mayor was killed by Hamas”.

Apart from that, there is also video footage of an Israeli general admitting he was unable to protect Israeli citizens due to a sudden Hamas attack and a video showing news of the deaths of 100 Israeli citizens.

“At least you have some knowledge, sis, before making a video like this. Then you’ll get caught his acting,” wrote one netizen.

“Which one is crying, sis? Where are you going to send the aid, sis? There are two camps… Because it’s a bit unclear where the narrative is taking sides…” commented another netizen.

Not only criticism, a number of netizens also called for a boycott of Scarlett because Felicya was seen as supporting Israel and only seeking safety through the video statement she made. In fact, there are netizens who criticize the caption (caption) Felicya who tagged PBB.

“#BoikottScarlett,” wrote a number of netizens.

“Why tag United Nation, 120 countries voted CEASEFIRE I didn’t pay any attention to you, especially you,” wrote another netizen.

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