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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States Space Agency (NASA) reveals the location of aliens. The distance is said to be on Venus, Earth’s neighboring planet.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center research scientist, Michelle Thaller, revealed this. He also didn’t expect his findings to lead to Venus.

“I’m sure we will find life on other planets. I think in our Solar System, we are so close but not 100% sure,” he said, quoted from MirrorsSaturday (18/11/2023).

“I never expected Venus. Venus is now a place where we see things in the atmosphere that look like they were produced by bacteria,” he added.

Thaller’s remarks are actually quite surprising considering that Venus is not a place that can be inhabited by living creatures. One of them is because the surface temperature is quite hot on the second closest planet to the Sun, which is around 107.8 million km.

The atmosphere also does not support life because it contains toxic acids. It consists of sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide, which is able to prevent heat from escaping from the planet.

An astrobiologist from University College of London, Dominic Papineau, denied Thaller’s remarks. To detect life outside Earth, an absolute requirement is needed, namely the presence of water.

Papineau also said the water must be in liquid form. Apart from that, the presence of fossils is also searched for through sedimentary rocks that were in contact with liquid water in the past.

“For chemical reactions related to life to take place, liquid water is needed. Therefore, to find life outside Earth, it is necessary to find liquid water and to find fossils outside Earth it is necessary to look for sedimentary rocks that have been in contact with liquid water in the past then,” he explained.

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