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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Underground tunnels in Palestine have been the subject of discussion for some time. Israeli geologists discovered a number of facts about the tunnels used by the Hamas group.

In his interview with NHK, Joel Roskin of Bar-Ilan University made the estimates based on Israeli military investigations and tunnel sketches based on information from authorities and other sources.

One of them, it is estimated that the tunnel network is 70 meters deep or like a 20-story building. Apart from that, the tunnel is also 300-500 kilometers long, but the exact total length is not yet known.

The tunnel tunnel extends vertically in a hospital in the Gaza area. The passage leads to Hamas headquarters, a power generation facility and a hostage prison.

There are also rocket launchers near the surface in residential areas, quoted from NHK, Friday (10/11/2023).

The tunnel also has a sloping path, 8 meters long from the city to the Israeli border. There is also a vertical path from the tunnel to the surface.

From the tunnel, Roskin said Hamas could store and fire rockets and mortars. There is a hole there that is hidden and controlled remotely.

He said Hamas was thought to carry out military operations and terror in the tunnels. Starting from command, control, ballistic firing squad, hostage prison, and war.

Roskin also explained how the tunnel was originally built. Tunnel excavation in Gaza began in the 1980s.

The tunnels were originally used to smuggle food and other goods from Egypt. This also includes ensuring weapons.

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