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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After arriving in orbit, Satria-1 is preparing to be used. It is planned that in December it will be ready on-air.

Chairman of the Communications and Information Task Force, Sarwoto Atmosutamo confirmed this. He also said there was no need for further review and preparations had reached 20%.

“No, the Satria-1 just needs to be used. In December it just needs to be running,” said Sarwoto, when met at the DPR, Jakarta, Wednesday (23/11/2023).

Taking off last June, Satria-1 was finally in Geostationary orbit last October. The satellite orbits at 146 degrees East Longitude or directly above Papua Island at an altitude of 36 thousand km above the Earth’s surface.

Satria-1 will serve 37 thousand public facility points in the 3T area. That number has shrunk from the previous 150 thousand points.

Sarwoto explained that the amount of 150 thousand was obtained because internet usage was mostly 1 Mbps. After the satellite was broadcast and recalculated, it turned out that there was an increase in internet usage to 4-5 Mbps.

“4 years ago, the usage of 1 location was set up at 1 Mbps. If it was 150 Gbps, the calculation was divided by 1 mbps to get 150 thousand locations,” he said.

After arriving in orbit, all tests are being carried out on the satellite. If it is confirmed that everything is functioning properly, Satria-1 is ready to be used to provide internet services throughout Indonesia.

On the same occasion, the Main Director of Bakti, Fadhilah Mathar, said that this year the use of Satria-1 will focus on the education and health sectors. 60% and 30% respectively, while the rest goes to regional governments, border posts and security posts.

“It is to be built in 2023, limited to 10 thousand points,” said Fadhilah.

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