Great commotion! Chatbot Boss Sam Altman Fired, Accused of Dishonesty Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In a surprise move, the board of directors of OpenAI, maker of chatbot ChatGPT, fired chief executive Sam Altman. Not only that, another OpenAI founder, Greg Brockman, was also removed as chairman of the board of directors.

In its statement, the company’s board of directors stated that Altman had committed dishonest actions. This decision was also based on a review conducted by the board.

“Mr Altman’s departure was related to a deliberate review process by the board, which concluded he had not been consistently honest in his communications with the board, thereby impeding the board’s ability to carry out its responsibilities,” wrote a statement from the company’s Board of Directors, quoted from The GuardianSaturday (18/11/2023).

The Guardian also wrote that it was not explained what Altman was hiding from OpenAI’s directors. The 38-year-old man also reportedly left his seat on the board of directors.

Altman has also opened his voice after his dismissal. He didn’t say much, but promised to reveal it in the future.

In his tweet, Altman talked about his work at OpenAI. Including liking working with many talented people in the company.

“I loved my time at OpenAI. It was a transformative time for me personally and hopefully the world changes a little. What I loved most was working with talented people. Will talk more about what happens later,” said Altman.

Altman’s position as CEO will be replaced by Mira Murati. Previously he served as CTO of OpenAI and part of the leadership of the company from San Francisco, United States (US) for five years.

The Guardian reports the announcement came as a surprise to many employees. Some of them even found out about it from internal announcements and public company blogs.

Another change that occurred was Greg Brockman stepping down from his position as chairman of the board. But he still serves as president of OpenAI.

Brockman said his departure was due to the news that occurred that day. He made this statement in quotes Altman tweeted.

“But based on today’s news, I’m out,” he wrote.

According to his latest tweet, Brockman said he and Altman were called separately regarding the firing. Altman, he wrote, took part in a meeting on Google Meet with the entire board without Brockman in it.

The meeting was related to the issue of dismissal. Next, Brockman took part in a board meeting and was told he had been removed from the board of directors. “As far as we know, the management team only found out about this shortly, apart from Mira who found out the night before,” said Brockman.

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