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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Support and sympathy for the people of Gaza, Palestine, continues to flow amidst the continuous attacks launched by Israel. A number of artists have also openly shown their support for Palestine.

One of the world’s musicians who has been defending Palestine for a long time is Coldplay. In fact, the British band has shown their support since 2011.

At that time, Coldplay’s official Facebook page made a post calling on their fans to listen to the song “Freedom for Palestine.” The song is a musical collaboration initiated by the OneWorld movement.

The song was precisely released on July 3 2011. Even though they were not involved in the production process, Coldplay suddenly became the focus of the Israeli media and Jewish citizens because they posted the video on their Facebook page.

In an email to Jerusalem Postthe media OneWorld Paul Collins said he was happy with Coldplay’s support.

“We’re thrilled that Coldplay told their fans about this song and I hope it can make a difference,” said Collins.

The song “Freedom for Palestine” calls for no more surveillance by security forces in the West Bank and upholds human rights and justice for all. Some Colplay fans supported the band’s actions for Palestinian independence, but others criticized it.

Vocalist Chris Martin also showed support for Palestine. Over the years, Chris has drawn the ire of pro-Israel fans for his stance on Palestine. In 2019, during a concert in Amman, Jordan, a fan asked Chris to sing a song for Gaza.

Martin was also asked to give a speech in solidarity with Palestine.

“I believe every human being has the right to live on this earth. I do not agree with oppression in any form,” said Chris at the time.

In 2017, Coldplay also went to Palestine to seek inspiration for writing songs. Not only that, Coldplay also collaborated with a music group from Palestine, Le Trio Joubran, whose members are Adnan Joubran, Samir Joubran, and Wissam Joubran.

The final result of the collaboration was the song “Arabesque”, for which Le Trio Joubran, is included in the list of musical credits. According to Adnan Joubran, the song as well as the entirety of Coldplay’s eighth studio album, Everday Life, is a work by Coldplay that voices the spirit of Palestinian freedom.

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