Gaza War Goes Crazy, Europe Orders TikTok Tech CEO – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Gaza war has become even crazier since it first erupted on October 7. The latest data shows that as many as 10,000 people have died in the relentless attacks launched by Israel.

Graveyards in Palestine are almost full, hospitals are paralyzed. In the midst of the chaos that is happening in the field, cyberspace is also busy with inaccurate information and making the situation even hotter.

The European Union has several times issued warnings to technology giants providing social media platforms to clean up disinformation.

Most recently, the European Union commissioner for the internal market Thierry Breton gave special orders to TikTok. He asked the Chinese platform not to be half-hearted in cracking down on disinformation.

He conveyed this directly to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, quoted from ReutersTuesday (7/11/2023).

Last month, Breton gave TikTok and other social media giants a deadline of October 25 to block all disinformation, in response to the conflict in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel.

Breton also ordered TikTok to submit all details of the strategy it has launched to eliminate disinformation by November 8. The European Union wants to know how TikTok protects its integrity ahead of elections and in the midst of conflict.

Over the past few months, TikTok says it has had several features in place to protect users. Apart from that, the Chinese giant also claims to have poured investment into its content moderation.

These various efforts have been seen by the European Union. However, they said they would investigate its effectiveness and whether it was sufficient to meet the DSA rules that apply in Europe.

“Our team is investigating whether this is enough [bagi TikTok] in complying with the DSA [Digital Services Act],” Breton said in an official statement after holding a video call with Chew.

“Because, right now, we all have to be careful in protecting all citizens, especially children and teenagers, so that they are not exposed to illegal content and disinformation,” he added.

TikTok’s Director of Public Policy, Caroline Greer, said on her personal X account that the company was thrilled that Breton had identified their efforts.

For your information, DSA is a binding rule for online platform providers. One of the points states that the spread of disinformation on the internet is the responsibility of digital platforms.

If tech giants do not act to combat disinformation, they face a fine of 6% of their total revenue in Europe.

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