Ganjar Stories of Chinese Tourists to Bali Buy Mattresses Without Rupiah Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ganjar Pranowo tells about how Chinese tourists exploit digital applications to travel to Bali without spending a penny.

The PDI-P presidential candidate revealed the tourist method that Chinese tourists often use to “travel cheaply” in Bali.

“Chinese tourists who go to Bali order their tickets from there, their fintech from there, then they also buy their goods there,” he said.

According to Ganjar, tourists from China buy products made in China which are specifically exported to Bali. The product is then purchased at a much more expensive price in Bali compared to its country of origin.

“I was surprised that it was this item, many people bought mattresses. The mattresses were made there, so they came back again,” he said.

This method of tourist entrepreneurs from China has been around for a long time in Indonesian tourist centers, especially Bali, and is known as the “zero dollar” scheme.

Chinese tour organizers sell tour packages to Bali at very cheap prices. In Bali, they were directed to shop and eat at restaurants owned by Chinese residents. These shops sell goods made in China at much higher prices.

Payment at the restaurant also uses Chinese payment applications such as WeChat. Therefore, all Chinese tourist transactions in Bali are not recorded in Indonesia.

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