02:01 Video Attacked by Israel, Tens of Thousands of Gaza Residents Flee to the South News – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia_ Thousands of Gazans moved south from Gaza City on Friday (10 November), as Israeli tanks moved deeper into the area.

Palestinians, including children and people with disabilities, walk along Salahedeen road towards Khan Younis.

The Israeli military has allowed some injured Palestinian civilians to cross into Egypt for treatment and has announced a daily deadline for civilians to leave northern Gaza for the south.

Deadly airstrikes on refugee camps, medical convoys and near hospitals have sparked heated debate among some of Israel’s Western allies over its military’s compliance with international law.

Israel did not immediately comment but said it did not target civilians and was working hard to avoid attacks on them.

It is said that Hamas militants hid a command center and tunnels under Shifa, a charge Hamas denies.

UN agencies have issued regular calls for a ceasefire, but have been rejected by both sides.

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