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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Local brand products and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are still selling well di middle onslaught foreign brands that continue to mushroom. This can be seen from the high level of enthusiasm consumers in raiding various goods local brands and MSMEs in the recent Shopee 11.11 Big Sale Campaign.

This is proof that This campaign is not only a moment for consumer Looking for the biggest end of year promos. NHowever, it is also a place for sellers on various Indonesian islands to compete to present their best products on the Shopee platform.

Therefore, it is not surprising that several Indonesian islands have the hottest product trendss, among others Sumatera island, various products such asTelon oil, baby diapers and children’s t-shirts were the most purchased local and MSME products at the peak of the campaign. This shows that the need for products from the Mother and Child category is a trend that is highly sought after by new mothers in Sumatra.

In Java Island, as the island with the largest population, tWe see that many users buy Hand & Body Lotion and Facial Moisturizer from local brands. However, searches for Smartphone products are also the highest on this island.

Meanwhile for The island of Bali is often referred to as a tourist destination paradise. In fact, towards the end of the year, Balinese Kebaya products, Sunglasses,And Sunscreen is the most sought after product to prepare to welcome local and foreign tourists.

Whereas Kalimantan islandtIt turns out that the season conditions are changing from hot to rainy season, necessities such as raincoats, men’s & women’s jackets, and hoodies, are the best-selling local and MSME products at the peak of the 11.11 campaign.

Apart from that, Sulawesi Island also has a lot of diversity in the needs of its people. Interesting findings from people’s shopping behavior, productsProducts such as fans, neon lights, and pots and pans are the ones that are often purchased on the island of Sulawesi.

Last for Papua Island is no less surprising, with fashion products such as Cargo Pants, Men’s Watches, Couple Bracelets and Couple Shirts becoming the people’s favorite products. Even though it is far from the capital, people, especially on this island, are still up-to-date following existing trends.

e-commercePhoto: e-commerce

On the other hand, the 11.11 Big Sale campaign which has been running until November 11 has created new opportunities for local brands and MSMEs to increase business growth to be stronger, more powerful and able to compete in an increasingly dynamic online trading ecosystem. Responding with extraordinary achievements, there was a 7-fold increase in transactions from local brands and MSMEs at the peak of the campaign compared to normal days.

This shows how local business actors use Shopee as a strong partner in creating sustainable businesses and inclusive digital market penetration.

Head of Marketing Growth Shopee Indonesia, Monica Vionna said that as a campaign that offers the biggest year-end promo, the 11.11 Big Sale is not only about shopping, but is also a form of Shopee’s support to provide greater opportunities and exposure to local brands and products.

“The goal is to encourage consumers to be more interested in exploring domestic products, while helping local brands to be accepted by the wider community. Interestingly, throughout the 11.11 campaign,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (15/11/2023).

He admitted that at this Big Sale they felt the high interest of consumers in shopping for local products and MSMEs from the various categories presented. This is an encouraging aspect for Shopee to always provide various innovations and initiatives that benefit the entire ecosystem, encourage local business growth, and strengthen connections between sellers and consumers.

Not only that, strengthening potential is a further step to creating a sustainable business. Apart from ongoing campaigns, support for various initiative programs, such as the Shopee Export Program, can be a strategy for expanding business to foreign markets. This opportunity turned out to be well utilized by local brands and MSMEs on Shopee where there was a recorded increase in export orders which reached more than 4 times at the peak of the 11.11 Big Sale campaign.

This positive trend has always been the basis for Shopee to continue to innovate to provide the best services, in order to pamper the public while supporting the growth of local businesses, local brands and MSMEs through a comfortable and profitable shopping experience.

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