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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple released its newest series of professional laptops and computers, the MacBook Pro and iMac. Surprisingly, Apple slashed the price of the lowest variant of the MacBook Pro.

The price of the MacBook Pro with a 14-inch screen, the lowest variant of Apple’s professional laptop series, fell by US$ 400 (Rp. 6.3 million) from US$ 1,999 (Rp. 31.7 million) to US$ 1,599 (Rp. 25.37 million) . However, Apple only embedded the M3 chip in the 14-inch MacBook Pro variant in 2023, not the chip labeled “Pro” which was embedded in last year’s model.

CNBC International stated that the launch of the MacBook Pro and iMac was held by Apple at night, which is unusual for the electronics manufacturer. Apple also used this event to introduce their new chip, namely the M3.

Apple claims the M3 chip delivers significant performance improvements, including faster processing power and longer battery life. The highest version of the M3 chip is even designed to support the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Apple’s latest chip is expected to boost sales of Apple’s Mac division. This is because Mac sales fell 7 percent in the second quarter of 2023, dragged down by the decline in global computer sales.

The latest MacBook Pro and iMac models go on sale next week. Nothing has changed from the design of the two, except for the use of a new chip in them. This year, Apple has actually launched several upgrades to its Mac line, including the 15-inch MacBook Pro which was released in June. Meanwhile, the iMac has not been upgraded since April 2021.

Here is the complete list of new Apple products that have just been released:

M3 chips

The most advanced version of Apple's latest laptop, the MacBook Pro M3 MaxPhoto: Apple dock
The most advanced version of Apple’s latest laptop, the MacBook Pro M3 Max

Apple announced three new chips in the M3 line, namely the standard version of the M3, the 40 percent faster M3 Pro, and the 250 percent faster M3 Max aimed at AI developers and 3D creators.

  • Apple claims all M3 chips support up to 22 hours of battery life
  • The M3 has an 8 core processor and up to 10 core GPU
  • The M3 Pro has a 12-core CPU with an 18-core GPU
  • The M3 Max has a 16-core CPU and up to 40-core GPU
  • The GPU embedded in the M3 is claimed to be 1.8 times faster than the GPU in the M2
  • The M3 CPU core is claimed to be 15 percent faster for heavy work.
  • The M3 is built with a 3 nanometer process
  • The new M3 Max is available at the end of November

MacBook Pro and iMac

Apple's newest desktop computer, the iMac M3Photo: Apple dock
Apple’s newest desktop computer, the iMac M3

Apple announced its latest line of professional laptops, MacBook Pro and iMac desktop computers:

  • The 14-inch MacBook Pro is priced as low as US$ 1,599 with an M3 processor.
  • MacBook Pro with M3 Pro processor with lowest price of US$ 1,999. This version can be upgraded with an M3 Max processor
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro processor, priced as low as US$ 2,499. This version can also be upgraded with an M3 Max processor
  • The latest MacBook Pro models are equipped with HDMI and SD car slots, in addition to a USB-C slot. The previous version only had a USB-C slot
  • This MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar did not get the update
  • The new color is called “Space Black” with anti-fingerprint material for the M3 Pro and M3 Max versions of the MacBook Pro
  • The iMac 24-inch M3 desktop computer is priced as low as US$ 1,299. Previous versions of the iMac still used the M1 processor.

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