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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google has just announced new terms for app developers. This will make applications more stringently filtered until they can be made available on the Play Store.

Google argued that the additional requirements were set to ensure Android applications were quality and safe for users.

This requirement is intended for new developers with personal accounts. They are required to test the app on a minimum of 20 people for two weeks before publishing.

Google revealed that these new terms will arrive on Play Console in the next few days, quoted from Tech CrunchFriday (10/11/2023).

With this, Google explains that developers can identify problems and bugs before they are released to the public. Apart from that, users can also provide input on the application.

In addition to announcing the new terms, Google plans to invest in its app review process. Apparently, this is the company’s way of responding to criticism regarding its less stringent review process than Apple’s.

Apple is known to use automation for its app reviews. Meanwhile, Google plans that its review team will spend more time assessing whether new applications comply with policies and do not deceive users.

This new method will change the review time of Google applications. The company says it will likely take a long time to do so review a small number of apps, including those that require certain device permissions and are aimed at children.

Another update is the ability for developers to choose a deadline for meeting verification requirements. Google also provides a lot of information about which applications function well. The official government application badge is also being prepared to be implemented starting in 2024.

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