04:41 This Video is the Reason Why Nuclear Plants Are Considered Appropriate to Replace PLTU News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Member of Commission VII DPR RI, Mulyanto, said that among the power plants that are being and will be developed in Indonesia, economically hydroelectric power plants and solar power plants are the cheapest power plants. Meanwhile, PLTN is slightly above PLTU in the range of 6-7 cents per kWh.

However, apart from economics, the issue of availability must also be taken into account. Where solar and wind generators will only be maximized during the day with expensive technology, meanwhile for hydroelectric power plants and geothermal power plants the locations are very far away and constrained by the transmission network. Considering these conditions, nuclear plants are considered more suitable to replace PLTUs.

What are the economics of developing a nuclear power plant? For complete details, see Safrina Nasution’s dialogue with Member of the National Energy Council (DEN) Herman Darnel Ibrahim and Member of Commission VII DPR RI, Mulyanto in Squawk Box, CNBC Indonesia (Tuesday, 14/11/2023)

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