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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The National Energy Council (DEN) revealed that the government is currently preparing regulations governing national energy buffer reserves. Some of them include crude oil, LPG and gasoline for a period of 30 days.

DEN Secretary General Djoko Siswanto revealed that the process of discussing the draft Presidential Regulation (Perpres) regarding energy buffer reserves has actually been completed. Currently the process is just waiting for initials from the Minister of Finance.

“We must have what is called an energy buffer reserve. The process has been completed. All that remains is for the Minister of Finance to initial it and convey it to the State Secretariat, Mr. President to sign it. Thank God, gradually until 2035 we will have a 30-day stock of LPG crude oil and gasoline,” said Djoko in the Road to CNBC Indonesia Award 2023 Best Energy, quoted Wednesday (1/11/2023).

Apart from that, Djoko said that to increase national energy security, energy infrastructure development needs to be accelerated. Whether the funds come from the APBN, business entities or BUMN and BUMD.

“Then we also increase EBT, now it is 12.6%, we continue to increase it, we have a target of 23% in 2025, 2050, 31% in 2060, 60% of our EBT. Then also prices, thank God, to this day the government is still providing subsidies, in the future if the community has Yes, purchasing power is sufficient, so this can be adjusted further,” he said.

Previously, Djoko revealed that the Ministry of Finance had actually allocated a budget of IDR 1 trillion for energy buffer reserves. However, the government is still waiting for the issuance of regulations on energy buffer reserves in the form of a Presidential Decree.

Djoko said that the formation of energy buffer reserves is very important to anticipate when an emergency energy crisis occurs in the country. Remember, Indonesia is still dependent on imports for the three commodities above.

Meanwhile, what currently exists are operational reserves owned by PT Pertamina (Persero) and a number of other business entities. Therefore, it is very important to issue a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) which regulates energy buffer reserves immediately.

“Hopefully this doesn’t happen, we are still importing LPG crude oil and gasoline, so when the countries that export to us stop automatically using operational reserves, right, when these energy buffer reserves run out we will use them,” he said.

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