US International Court Reveals Profession that Loves “Snacks” PSK News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A new fact was revealed in the trial of a prostitution case in the United States (US). This is related to professions that often enjoy that industry.

US prosecutors on Wednesday charged three people with running a network of high-end brothels in apartment complexes in Boston and Northern Virginia. Federal prosecutors in Boston said commercial sex workers (PSK) were paid up to US$ 600 per hour (Rp. 9.5 million) for sexual relations.

The alleged brothel operators, Han Lee and Jun Myung Lee from Massachusetts and James Lee from California. They were arrested and charged with conspiring to force and persuade women to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity.

“The search included an active brothel and found financial documents, cash, and women believed to be involved in prostitution,” according to court records quoted by Reuters, Thursday (9/11/2023).

“We are committed to working with our federal, state and local partners to hold accountable the people who ran these networks and the people who drove the demand for these networks,” US Attorney Josh Levy said at a news conference.

According to charging documents, the defendants, led by Han Lee, used an upscale apartment complex as a brothel. This was done in Cambridge and Watertown, in Massachusetts, and Fairfax and Tysons, in Northern Virginia.

The brothel operated two websites advertising appointments with Asian women. Prospective customers go through a vetting process that includes providing a photo of their driver’s license and the name of their employer.

The US government is said to have confiscated the domains of these sites. Authorities said they believe the network of brothels potentially had hundreds of customers, who Levy said “often paid a monthly fee to be part of these illicit clubs”

“His customers included politicians, pharmaceutical and technology executives, doctors, military officers, professors, lawyers, business executives, scientists and accountants,” added the prosecutor’s statement.

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