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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Of course, everyone has different potential talents from childhood. So, it is important for parents to understand their little one’s intelligence and develop their talents.

Quoted from the Verywell Family, gifted children are generally seen as having a much higher IQ than their peers. A high IQ can be seen from the development of a child’s language skills, abstract thinking and memory skills.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) says gifted children are usually very observant, highly curious, and more independent than their peers.

Apart from that, other general characteristics of gifted children are having a high interest in reading, always thinking critically, and being able to solve their own problems naturally. Children who enjoy reading generally have a wider vocabulary and better reading skills.

Then, gifted children can also be seen from their ability to quickly and easily see the relationship between ideas, objects and facts, as well as having fluent and flexible thinking.

“Gifted children’s thinking tends to be complex and original. They are able to learn concepts more quickly and without much repetition than their peers,” wrote the Verywell Family, quoted on Saturday (4/11/2023).

“If your child has an unusual imagination that sometimes gets them into trouble, it may be another sign of giftedness,” the report continues.

Other Characteristics

However, parents must also understand that not every gifted child has cognitive characteristics, especially if they do not have the ability to learn or do not achieve well. Because, signs of gifted children can also be seen from their emotional abilities.

Most studies show that gifted children excel in social and emotional traits when compared to their peers. Overall, some gifted children have an interest in philosophical and social issues. Apart from that, they also have more concerns regarding justice and injustice.

Then, gifted children also tend to be intrinsically motivated. This means that they are able to set goals and challenges for themselves, even without getting approval from others.

“Most gifted children enjoy learning new things. They not only enjoy intellectual activities, but can also display intellectual playfulness,” wrote the Verywell Family.

The following are several additional characteristics found in children who have the potential to have talents according to NAGC:

1. Have high curiosity
2. Have persistence
3. Easily frustrated
4. Energetic
5. Impulsive or passionate
6. Spontaneous.

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