Elon Musk’s Ambition to Colonize Mars Takes This Many Victims Tech – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Elon Musk’s ambitions for a mission to Mars are taking their toll. At least hundreds of SpaceX employees were reportedly injured and even died because of their boss’s dream.

Reuters reported 600 people injured at work since 2014. The report also said the number was only a portion of those not announced.

More than 100 workers were reported to have suffered injuries, 29 people with broken or sprained bones, 17 people with broken hands and broken fingers. Apart from that, there were also 9 employees with serious head injuries, quoted from CNBC InternationalMonday (13/11/2023).

The workers also explained the reasons for the unsafe work environment. According to them, this is because of Musk’s view that the company is at the forefront of saving humanity from planetary destruction.

SpaceX is also trying to find ways to speed up the company’s productivity, by avoiding bureaucracy and ignoring safety protocols and product testing.

This shortcut ultimately resulted in disaster. Many employees were injured, comatose, and even died.

Players in the space industry are currently competing fiercely. SpaceX, which is one of the top players, has carried out a number of missions and is preparing several other projects.

Apart from missions to Mars, SpaceX also provides rockets and operates a satellite-based internet provider called Starlink. It was reported several times that this service would come to Indonesia.

Currently, SpaceX is valued at more than US$100 billion. A number of parties predict that Musk will take his company public, aka IPO, in 2027.

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