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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Researchers discovered that the Earth has its own geological cycle. This ‘pulse’ activity occurs once every 27 million years or sometimes longer.

The geological activity in question includes volcanoes, mass extinctions, plate reorganization and rising sea levels. New York University geologist and lead author of the study, Michael Rampino, confirmed that the cycles that occur are not random and are interconnected.

“Many geologists believe that geological events occur randomly over time. However, our research proves that statistics for general cycles are correlated and not random,” he explained, quoted from Science Alert, Monday (11/13/2023).

The next question is when will the next geological cycle be. Researchers estimate that activity will return in 20 million years.

The research team analyzed the ages of 89 geological events over 260 million years. Some of them appear to be within a time period that forms a disaster cycle.

“Events include periods of marine and non-marine extinctions, large oceanic anoxic events, flood-basalt eruptions on continents, sea level fluctuations, global waves of intraplate magmatism and periods of changes in the rate of seafloor spreading and plate reorganization,” the paper said.

The research team added that from the research results, the cycle of geological events occurs approximately once every 27.5 million years.

A number of studies have long investigated the cycle of geological events. In 1920-1930, scientists recorded geological activity occurring once every 30 million years.

Turning to 1980-1990, the researchers estimate the cycle lasted 26.2 million to 30.6 million years. It is currently around once every 27.5 million years.

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