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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple just launched the iPhone 15 series last September. However, leaks about the iPhone 16 have started to circulate.

According to veteran tipster Majin Bu, Apple is testing a version of the iPhone without the flagship ‘Dynamic Island’ feature. This feature was introduced on the iPhone 14 series and has become a source of pride for the Cupertino giant.

Majin Bu shared a leak of the iPhone 16 design which uses a punch-hole. This design has been adopted by many Android cellphone manufacturers. However, the punch-hole on the leaked iPhone 16 looks more jumbo.

Nevertheless, Bu emphasized that the leaked visual rendering of the iPhone that he distributed could be the iPhone 17. It is possible that the punch-hole will also be embedded with capabilities similar to a wider Dynamic Island.

This leak from Bu contradicts the predictions of other analysts. For example, Ross Young, CEO of the firm DSCC. According to him, the iPhone 16 will retain Dynamic Island on all models, the same as the iPhone 15.

What has changed on the iPhone 16, he said, is that the screen will be bigger. However, this prediction has not been confirmed by Apple.

Currently there are not many other leaks about the iPhone 16. Apart from the possibility of removing Dynamic Island, another leak is the A18 chip made by Apple which is predicted to be much more powerful.

Apart from that, Apple is also reportedly going to add models to the iPhone 16 series. Above the Pro Max there will be an Ultra.

These various leaks cannot be trusted 100%. Let’s just wait until the launch at the end of 2024.

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