Ministry of Defense Gets Hacked, RI Cyber ​​Tech Emergency – 10 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There have been several incidents of alleged hacking and selling of sensitive data belonging to the government or institutions in Indonesia. Finally, the Ministry of Defense website was allegedly hacked and some of its data was also sold.

Asked about this, Chairman of the CISSREC Cyber ​​Security Research Institute, Pratama Persadha admitted that Indonesia’s cyber defense is very weak. Hackers easily find security gaps to break into the systems of Indonesian government institutions.

“Actually, this is what the Ministry of Defense itself can know. From my observations, several hacks that have occurred in our government institutions are in fact very weak in cyber defense,” explained Pratama, in CNBC Indonesia ProfitsFriday (3/11/2023).

According to him, system owners sometimes feel that everything is running well and is being accessed well. They do not notice any weaknesses in the system.

Cyber ​​security is still a process. Website owners should always monitor the system every day.

“This is what we sometimes don’t realize. Many government agency admins are lulled into thinking that the system is fine and can run well. It turns out that weaknesses in the system are not paid attention to,” said Pratama.

On that occasion, Pratama said that hackers continued to use sophisticated technology to carry out their crimes. He even mentioned that hackers had used Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“They are equipped with sophisticated technology so they can carry out hacking methods so they can enter the system they own with precision,” he said.

The use of advanced technology should be of greater concern to all parties. Considering that technology such as AI can continue to carry out the desired process continuously and will beat humans.

Pratama reminded all parties that they must also fight against this sophistication. Namely, you must also use a sophisticated system on the platform you have.

“We have to pay attention to this and start thinking that we have to use a fairly sophisticated system to fight these hackers,” he explained.

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