Location of 99% of Earth’s Buried Gold Found by Tech Researchers – 8 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study succeeded in finding out the location of 99 percent of the Earth’s gold content. Unfortunately, the location of the gold is in a place that is difficult for humans to reach.

Bernard Wood of Macquarie University estimates that 99% of all gold is buried in the Earth’s core. “What we can conclude is that 99 percent of the Earth’s gold content is in its core,” Wood said.

He and his team succeeded in calculating the amount of gold on Earth and published a paper in 2006. His inspiration came from an asteroid which he said had a similar composition to Earth.

The research team measured the composition of carbonaceous chondrites in meteorites from asteroids similar to Earth. This composition is the reference for measuring the composition of materials on Earth.

Based on research results, non-ocean elements in liquid iron will not exist in the Earth’s core. So there are elements in abundance in the Earth’s crust compared to the core.

They assume the Earth’s core has the same composition as the meteorites studied. From there they managed to calculate what elements iron could dissolve.

The logic used by Wood is also the reason NASA has a mission to research the asteroid Psyche. This mission is much cheaper than drilling into the Earth’s core.

However, if Psyche’s mission succeeds in finding gold and bringing it back to Earth, there will be new problems. This will cause the price of gold on Earth to decline sharply.

Meanwhile, the assumption that there was gold in abundant quantities was also expressed IFL Science. It is said that the gold in the Earth’s core can coat the entire planet with a thickness of 50 cm.

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