Spooky! Cell Phone Tapped Remotely, Recognize 5 Signs Tech – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, there have been widespread threats of tapping cell phones. Therefore, cellphone users must be aware of this threat.

There are many methods used by irresponsible individuals to steal important data from your smartphone.

It turns out that cell phone tapping can be easily identified. This can be avoided by knowing these signs.

Quoting Techlicious Saturday (21/10/2023), here are 5 possible signs that your cellphone is being tapped:

1. Battery Problem

One sign that your cellphone is being tapped is a battery that suddenly has problems. You need to be suspicious if the battery suddenly drains quickly.

In fact, cellphone battery life will certainly decrease according to usage. However, malware or spy applications that infiltrate can also use a lot of resources with the aim of sending information to criminal servers.

2. Performance Becomes Slow

Another possibility is that smartphone performance slows down and applications are difficult to access. A number of applications will also be found running even though they have been closed or the phone has been restarted repeatedly.

If the cellphone is tapped, malware that enters the device will burden the cellphone’s resources. One possibility is that it will conflict with other applications.

3. High Data Usage

Apart from batteries, hackers will also drain their victims’ data. They only realize it when their bill or internet data usage soars high.

This comes from malware or spy applications that continue to run. All of these systems will continuously send information back to the perpetrator’s server.

4. Strange Calls or SMS

You should also be alert if you find calls or SMS to unknown or mysterious numbers. You can check your phone bill to find out if there are any unrecognized charges from the usage.

5. Pop-up Ads

For the record, not all pop-up ads refer to cellphones being hacked. However, users still need to be careful if this happens to their device.

Because pop-up ads can mean that the cellphone is infiltrated by adware, which is a type of malware that harvests the victims’ clicks and money.

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