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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coldplay vocalist, Chris Martin, shocked Indonesian netizens after sharing the moment he walked barefoot, aka nyeker, in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/11/2023) yesterday.

The moment Chris Martin walked hard was shared by Coldplay’s official Instagram account (@coldplay). In the upload, the 46 year old vocalist wears a black hat, black pants and a light gray t-shirt.

Based on the search, Chris Martin was seen walking around the Karet Sudirman area and taking photos at the Setiabudi Reservoir. In the two photos uploaded, Chris looks so sweaty that his clothes are wet.

Epic walk in Jakarta (Epic walk in Jakarta),” wrote Coldplay via caption, quoted Wednesday (15/11/2023).

Chris’s activities, which netizens call warlok (local residents) activities, apparently have a multitude of health benefits. Anything? The following is the explanation.

Launching from Mind Body Green, walking hard is known as “earthing”. This term emerged because walking barefoot is generally done on soil, grass or sand which is the natural surface of the earth.

According to published studies Journal of Environmental and Public Health, walking hard can improve sleep quality and reduce body aches. This is caused by the withdrawal of electrons from the earth into the body.

Meanwhile, published research Med Hypotheses found that walking hard can change electrical activity in the brain so that it can regulate the nervous system to function better.

Other studies have also found that walking barefoot benefits skin conductivity, regulates heart rate variability, improves glucose regulation, reduces stress, and improves immune function.

According to a study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, walking has been proven to increase the surface charge of red blood cells. Thanks to this, red blood cells will not clot, thereby reducing blood viscosity.

Indirectly, walking hard can contribute to preventing heart disease. Not only that, other studies also state that the benefits of walking hard can regulate the endocrine and nervous systems.

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