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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The South Korean government is ready to disburse funds amounting to 500 million won or around IDR 5.98 billion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 11.96/won) to overcome the bed bug outbreak in a number of areas of Seoul.

Launching from The Korea HeraldSeoul authorities are working to control the spread of bedbugs after seven districts in Seoul reported a total of 17 cases of infection last Sunday (5/11/2023).

The budget of IDR 5.98 billion will be used for cleaning facilities that are considered vulnerable. Apart from that, the Seoul City Government will also carry out checks on residents to determine whether they have experienced bed bug attacks.

The government plans to inspect 3,175 public facilities that are prone to bedbugs, including hotels, accommodation facilities and public baths to assess bed maintenance and hygiene conditions.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security said that it would launch a joint government response team to prevent the spread of bedbugs in the Sejong Government Complex.

Then, the government also plans to hold consultation meetings with private experts regarding bed bug control and develop effective control measures.

On Thursday (2/11/2023), health officials found bedbugs in goshiwon or small boarding houses in the Jung-gu area, Seoul. According to reports, the bed bugs were found in the mattress and wallpaper.

“To control bedbugs, the Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a comprehensive insect prevention scheme to achieve a “city without bedbugs” on Friday,” wrote a report by The Korea Herald, quoted on Wednesday (8/11/2023).

Previously, reports of bed bugs began appearing in Ginseng Country in mid-September 2023. The first report came from a student in a Keimyung University dorm room who was bitten by a parasite.

Since then, people in Seoul have flocked to public health centers to ask for help to determine the type of insect that had bitten them and learn about treatment measures.

According to local media, bed bugs had “invaded” South Korea. However, the bugs are believed to have been eradicated in Korea in the 1970s because trucks sprayed the pesticide DDT across the country.

Currently, spraying the pesticide DDT is prohibited because it is considered to have the potential to cause cancer and has been banned internationally for agriculture. In addition, most bed bugs are currently considered resistant or resistant to pesticides.

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