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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israeli singer, Narkis, received criticism from world netizens after singing a song calling for extermination and colonization in Gaza, Palestine, with the Israeli occupation army.

Quoting from the uploaded video Al JazeeraNarkis was seen singing with dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers at night.

In the video, the 42-year-old singer, wearing white clothes, a jeans jacket and a black skirt, sings the verses of a song with lyrics calling for the destruction of Gaza.

“We will finish Gaza. We will return to Gush Katif (Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip). We are a light for the non-Jewish people,” Narkis said in his song, quoted on Tuesday (7/11/2023).

“Ayayayayay yes, yes, yes,” hummed Narkis and the Israeli soldiers.

The video footage, which according to Al-Jazeera, was taken from Narkis’ personal Instagram account (@narkisofficial), immediately invited criticism from netizens around the world. Based on research by CNBC Indonesia, this criticism flooded Narkis’ Instagram account in the comments column of a post.

“History will remember your encouragement and involvement in this genocide,” wrote one netizen.

“Aren’t you the one jumping around like a madman inciting genocide and ethnic cleansing in front of the same audience? Miss ayayayayay?” wrote another netizen.


This criticism emerged amidst increasing concern in the world and the Palestinian community over the ‘second Nakba’ in Gaza.

For your information, Nakba is a term that describes the events of persecution and destruction of the Palestinian people and homeland in 1948. Meanwhile, this event includes the permanent displacement of civilians from the region after Israel declared independence.

In the period 1947 to 1949, around 750 thousand Palestinians were expelled. Apart from that, Israel also seized 78 percent of Palestinian territory, destroyed around 530 towns and villages, and killed around 15 thousand Palestinians.

Previously, a new report said that Israeli Government ministries had drawn up a wartime proposal to move the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million residents to Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

The document is dated October 13, six days after Hamas militants began attacks and reportedly killed more than 1,400 people in southern Israel and took more than 240 hostages. The plan was first published by a local news site, Sicha Mecomit.

According to reports, the document proposes moving Gaza’s civilian population to tent cities in northern Sinai, then establishing permanent cities and unspecified humanitarian corridors.

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