International Ruling Party in Israel Wants to Overthrow Netanyahu, Why? News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Israeli government is increasingly divided as the war in Gaza heats up. The fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to be overthrown.

Israeli ministers and lawmakers from the ruling Likud party are discussing plans to oust Netanyahu.

Israeli Media, Channel 13 Newsreported that the plan includes recruiting 61 lawmakers to pass a vote of no confidence in Netanyahu’s government and to form a new government without holding elections.

Channel 13as quoted from Anadolu AgencyThursday (16/11/2023), adding that Likud Party lawmakers are worried that if Netanyahu continues to lead the party and then causes defeat in the next election, most of these lawmakers will not be part of the Israeli political system.

He added that after the end of the military ground operation in Gaza, which so far shows no signs of being completed, lawmakers will continue with their plans to hold a parliamentary session to oust Netanyahu.

To assuage opposition fears, the Likud figure proposed to lead the government after Netanyahu reportedly will not run in the next election.

However, the media reported that the plan’s chances of success were small because only 10 MPs from the Likud Party supported the plan. According to Israeli law, at least 15 members of parliament from the Likud Party are needed to carry it out.

Netanyahu’s government was inaugurated on December 29, 2022 following November elections that gave his right-wing bloc a simple majority to form a new government.

The latest Israeli poll shows that support for Netanyahu and the Likud Party has fallen significantly in favor of opposition parties following Hamas’ surprise Oct. 7 attack on Israel and amid relentless Israeli retaliation in the more than month since.

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