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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The action of Israeli troops to directly attack Al-Shifa Hospital which is claimed to be hiding Hamas’ operations base in Gaza has now backfired.

Reported The GuardianThursday (16/11/2023), Israel faced an unprecedented wave of international condemnation, while the UN and aid agencies expressed concern over the impact of the attack on staff and patients.

Growing global condemnation from Arab and Western countries raises questions about how much longer Israel can continue its offensive in the face of dwindling international support.

The United States (US), for example, stated that it did not support the military operation on the hospital at all, saying that it did not allow Israel’s decision.

The UN spoke out about the massacre in Gaza, and as pressure mounted during the day, Israel relented by announcing it would allow unlimited aid convoys through the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian border. Aid convoys are limited to 30 trucks per day when the UN says hundreds of trucks are needed to reduce hunger.

The UN and aid agencies expressed grave concern over the hospital raid. “I am shocked by reports of a military attack on al-Shifa hospital,” the head of the UN humanitarian agency, Martin Griffiths, told X. “The protection of newborns, patients, medical staff and all civilians must override all other concerns. not a battlefield.”

World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the agency had again lost contact with staff at hospitals. “We are very concerned about their safety and that of their patients,” he said.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said it was “deeply concerned about the impact on the sick and injured, medical staff and civilians”.

Philippe Lazzarini, head of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said the agency’s operations in Gaza were on the verge of collapse. “At the end of the day, around 70% of the population in Gaza will not have access to clean water,” he said.

The global outcry generated by the hospital takeover also led to a breakthrough at the UN in New York, with the US withdrawing its threat to veto a new resolution prepared by Malta calling for a pause and wide humanitarian corridors for several days to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians in Gaza.

The draft resolution, which emphasizes the situation of children in almost every paragraph, “requires all parties to respect their obligations under international law, in particular regarding the protection of civilians, especially children”. They also called on Hamas to free the hostages.

Attitude of World Leaders

Earlier Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan leveled his harshest criticism at Israel, calling for its leaders to be tried for war crimes at an international tribunal in The Hague.

“With the barbarity of bombing civilians forcing them out of their homes while they are being relocated, this is truly state terrorism,” Erdogan said of Israel as he spoke in Turkey’s parliament. “I now say, with a calm heart, that Israel is a state of terror.”

Meanwhile, Turkey has withdrawn its diplomats from Israel amid the country’s response to the Hamas attack on October 7.

Erdogan’s latest comments drew a strong response from Israel, where the opposition leader, Yair Lapid, said he would not take morality lessons from Erdogan, who he said has a poor human rights record.

“Israel is defending itself against the brutal Hamas-ISIS terrorists, some of whom are allowed to operate under Erdogan’s auspices,” he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously angered Israel by calling on its troops to stop “killing babies”.

French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke out by emphasizing that western countries cannot use double standards.

“We strongly condemn all bombings against civilians, especially civilian infrastructure which must be protected under international law and our humanitarian law,” he said.

The French Foreign Ministry also said France was very concerned about the military operation in al-Shifa. “No use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes is acceptable,” he said.

“The Palestinian people should not have to suffer the consequences for the crimes committed by Hamas, let alone the vulnerable, injured or sick and humanitarian workers.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez urged Israel to end the “indiscriminate killing of Palestinians” in Gaza.

“We demand an immediate ceasefire from the Israeli side in Gaza and strict compliance with international humanitarian law, which is clearly not being respected at the moment,” he said in a parliamentary debate.

Looking for Evidence

Contrary to what one Palestinian diplomat described as 1 million citizen journalists in Gaza, Israel is under international pressure to provide convincing evidence that hospital basements in Gaza are being used as Hamas headquarters, as it claims.

Troops have found weapons and “terror infrastructure” at one particular location inside the hospital, a senior IDF official said. Hamas said the claim was a “blatant lie”.

Meanwhile, with tensions so high, Israel will find it difficult to be trusted by several countries.

The White House said Tuesday that it had intelligence indicating the hospital was being used by Hamas, but added that it did not support airstrikes against the hospital or its being the scene of gunfire.

Israeli officials said no fighting had occurred inside the hospital since the army arrived in the evening.

Public Support

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found that US public support for Israel’s war is eroding and most Americans think Israel should call a ceasefire.

When asked what role America should play, 32% of respondents said “the US should support Israel”, down from 41% in the poll conducted Oct. 12-13. Regarding the statement that “Israel should call for a ceasefire and try to negotiate”, 68% of respondents agreed.

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