International Japan ‘Punishes’ Individuals-Companies Linked to Hamas News – 21 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Japan imposes sanctions on nine people and a company linked to Hamas. This action was announced by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tuesday (31/10/2023).

According to a statement issued by the government, as quoted CNN, sanctioned entities include financiers and operators. The company is Buy Cash Money and Money Transfer Company (Buy Cash), which is a Gaza-based business that provides money transfer and virtual currency exchange services, including Bitcoin.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all sanctioned entities have been designated as “terrorists”.

The sanctions take the form of freezing the assets of individuals and companies that help fund Hamas, and are in line with new sanctions announced by the United States government earlier this month.

The list features the same names announced by the US Treasury Department on October 18, when the US announced similar sanctions. These are the first Hamas-related sanctions announced by Japan.

Individuals including Hamas members Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd Al-Dayim Nasrallah and Ayman Nofal were recently added to the list of people and organizations considered terrorists by Japan.

In a statement issued on October 8, a day after the Hamas attack on Israel, Japan’s Foreign Ministry said it “strongly condemns such actions and urges the early release of the captives.”

“At the same time, Japan is deeply concerned by the number of casualties in the Gaza Strip caused by the (Israel Defense Forces) attacks,” the statement said, adding that it urges “all relevant parties to exercise maximum restraint to avoid further damage and casualties.” carry on.”

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