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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israeli military officials denied the existence of a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, Thursday (9/11/2023). Even though data from the health ministry says more than 10,500 people have died and the UN and international monitors have called it a major disaster in the enclave.

“We know the civil situation in the Gaza Strip is not easy,” said the head of coordination and liaison with COGAT, the Israeli defense ministry agency that handles civil affairs in Gaza, Colonel Moshe Tetro.

“But I can say that there is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip,” he told reporters.

Tetro claims that the Israeli military has facilitated the transfer of aid to Gaza in a number of sectors. Such as water, food, medical supplies and humanitarian aid for shelters.

Tetro’s remarks came as French President Emmanuel Macron opened a conference on aid for Gaza in Paris on Thursday. Macron called for an immediate “humanitarian pause” in the Palestinian territories and urged the international community to work “toward a ceasefire”.

Previously, Israel claimed to have defeated Hamas at the group’s outpost, in Gaza, Thursday. This was after 10 hours of fierce fighting took place.

Quote Al Jazeera, the Israeli army said fighting continued overnight in Jabalia, north of Gaza City. “His soldiers took over Hamas outposts,” the report said.

During the 10-hour battle, the Israeli military said its soldiers confronted and killed Hamas fighters. Israel also added that Hamas weapons had been confiscated and tunnels destroyed.

The Israeli media also reported the same thing, Times of Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Nahal Infantry Brigade troops captured the Hamas stronghold, known as Outpost 17.

“Discovered many weapons and uncovered tunnels, including one located adjacent to a kindergarten that led to an extensive underground route,” he claimed.

There has been no official statement from Hamas regarding this matter. Yesterday, Israel announced that it had reached the heart of Gaza City, in North Gaza, at the same time flocks of Gazans fled to the South carrying white flags.

The number of victims in Gaza continues to increase. From data from the Gaza Ministry of Health on Wednesday, 10,568 people died due to Israeli attacks while 4,324 were injured.

Of the total victims, the majority were children and women. However, until now, Israel has said it will not implement a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, more than 155 people have been killed and 2,250 injured in the West Bank. In Israel alone, 1,400 people were killed and more than 7,198 people were injured.

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