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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are various reasons why Instagram accounts suddenly disappear. But don’t panic yet, because there is a way to return it.

Instagram will delete or deactivate user profiles that violate some of its terms and guidelines. But there is also an element of accident.

Here are several reasons why Instagram deletes accounts, quoted from Alpha, Friday (20/10/2023):

1. Violation of Terms and Guidelines

One reason is that users violate the platform’s rules repeatedly. Users must ensure that accounts do not upload content with illegal activities, hate speech, and threats to people or communities.

2. Inactive Account

Instagram also deletes accounts that are known to have been unused or inactive for two years.

3. Using third party tools

Instagram also prohibits the use of third party software, for example to increase followers or engagement on the platform. If there is any suspicion of using this tool, the account will be restricted.

How to restore a lost Instagram account

If a user’s account violates Instagram’s terms, it is almost impossible to recover it. However, it could be that this policy was implemented accidentally.

If you receive a pop-up message regarding a violation in your account, you can try the following:

  1. Press the Learn More button
  2. Click the Please let us know… option
  3. Select Yes or No to refer to the account being used for business purposes
  4. Enter personal information in the box provided
  5. If you’re restoring a business account, submit business documentation for verification. Instagram requires sending at least one valid document to reactivate the account
  6. Click Send or Send

If the account deletion is accidental, Instagram will send an email containing a reactivation code. Usually there is a request to send a photo of the user on paper with a code written on it and sent in JPEG format.

Make sure the image is clear and the image is high quality. Requests to restore your account may be rejected if the image is blurry.

Another way to restore your account is to ask Instagram to review your activity. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Enter account details and press the Log in button
  3. A notification message appears that the account will be deleted, the user has 30 days to submit a request.
  4. Click Download Data to back up Instagram data if the account recovery request is not granted.
  5. Click Request View
  6. Enter login information
  7. Instagram will double-check whether the account has violated the rules or not. Notification whether Instagram will reverse the decision and restore the account will come in a few days.

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