Gaps and Security Issues ‘Haunt’ RI Tech’s Digital Transformation – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Communication and Information Technology Budi Arie Setiadi revealed the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy amidst various uncertainties. Indonesia has great digital economic potential which must be facilitated by technological developments across sectors.

Budi emphasized To access this growth potential, the availability of internet access is an absolute must. For this reason, equal distribution of the internet throughout the archipelago can strengthen economic growth, as well as improve community welfare.

Unfortunately, this potential also has serious challenges, namely the gap in internet access in various regions, because currently internet penetration is still focused on the island of Java.

“We believe that Indonesia’s progress must be supported by our nation’s ability to explore its potential. Our gaps are still a big challenge,” said Budi when opening the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards ‘Best Telco and Tech Companies’, Thursday (23/11/2023).

He added that based on the APJII survey, the highest internet penetration was still on the island of Java with the highest internet penetration rates in Banten, Jakarta, West Java and East Java.

Apart from gaps, the threat of cyber crime also lurks amidst massive digital transformation. Budi said that digital platform security threats have also become an issue in society. For example, BSSN recorded 714,170,967 traffic anomalies throughout 2022.

“Through digital literacy programs and content moderation in the digital space, Kominfo continues to support BSSN. The penetration rate to 78% will be increased and we hope that all Indonesian people can access the internet, and encourage growth,” he said.

“With the economic potential of the Indonesian region, we are optimistic about the progress of the digital economy in the spirit of equality, justice, the ability to adapt and innovate,” added Budi.

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