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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of National Development Planning (PPN)/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa encourages healthy and intelligent people to marry and have more children, in order to avoid the speed of decline in the demographic bonus. This encouragement was carried out because the trend of baby births in Indonesia continues to decline.

The demographic bonus is important to maintain a larger number of productive age population than non-productive age population, to support Indonesia in getting out of the middle income trap and becoming a developed country by 2045.

“So I want to say to young Indonesian women who are smart and smart, have children quickly and have lots of children. So that they give birth to a generation of great and smart Indonesians,” said Suharso at the book launch event Towards a Golden Indonesia at his office, Jakarta, Monday. (20/11/2023).

“If the mother is smart and healthy, Bung Karno said, the generation will continue and become a great generation,” he said.

Suharso emphasized this because the total birth rate or total fertility rate (TFR) in Indonesia continues to fall from 1990-2022. According to World Population Prospects data, Indonesia’s TFR was still at the level of 3.10 at the end of 1990 but in 2022 it will be 2.15 and in 2045 it will only be 1.9.

This means that in 2045, with society’s current behavioral patterns tending to postpone marriage and pregnancy, especially for productive or career women, on average there will only be one child born to one woman throughout her reproductive life in 2045.

According to Suharso, this condition is not good for the country, because it will only accelerate the aging population, or old, unproductive people dominating before Indonesia can get out of the middle income trap and become a developed country.

“With the TFR we have, the trend is getting lower, with the success of the BKKBN and young people now tend to postpone marriage, after delaying, then delaying having children again, what happens is that we will grow old faster and not be rich,” stressed Suharso.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin had previously asked the Indonesian people not to postpone marriage. Because in the future, Indonesia’s demographic structure is predicted to be dominated by the elderly group.

The proportion of the population aged 0-14 years fell from 24.56% in 2020 to 19.61% in 2045. Meanwhile, the population aged 65 years and over rose from 6.16% to 14.61% in 2045. The working age population 15- 64 years also decreased from 69.28% to 65.79% in the same period.

“So the recommendation is to strike a balance so don’t delay the marriage, because if not, the prediction will be that there will be a lot of old people. Young people will be less productive,” he said at the 2024 RKP Musrenbangnas and Launch of the 2020-2050 Population Projections, Tuesday (16/5/ 2023).

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