Failing to Become Ganjar’s Vice Presidential Candidate, Sandiaga Bluntly Says His Heart Is Sliced ​​News – 25 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sandiaga Uno’s name was included in the Vice Presidential Candidate (Cawapres) market accompanying presidential candidate (Bacapres) Ganjar Pranowo.

However, halfway through, PDIP as the party that supported Ganjar apparently preferred Mahfud MD as its vice presidential candidate. Sandiaga also admitted that he accepted the decision, even though his heart was cut.

“GMPI has an abbreviation, this will be a quote I learned from Gus Romy (Muhammad Romahurmuziy). GMPI Ganjar Mahfud Indonesia’s Choice. Even though my heart is cut. That will be a quote from Gus Romy,” said Sandi at the GMPI PPP event as quoted on Sunday ( 10/29/2023).

Sandi’s chatter was then greeted with laughter from the GMPI PPP participants, including the PPP DPP administrators. He also emphasized that he accepted the decision even though his heart was cut.

“The heart is cut but the face must smile. God willing, the fortune will not go anywhere according to the efforts,” said Sandiaga.

Even though he is not Ganjar’s vice presidential candidate, Sandiaga is now appointed as a member of the Expert Council on the Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD National Winning Team (TPN).

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