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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not long ago, the public was shocked by the Shisamo Fish. The fish that went viral after the second son of the Raffi Ahmad-Nagita Slavina couple, namely Rayyanza Malik Ahmad or often called Cipung, was known to often consume this fish.

This fish is very popular in Japan and is one of the favorite foods of the people in the land of cherry blossoms. So, for those of you who want to buy or try this fish, you don’t need to be a sultan or go to Japan first.

You can now buy it at Transmart, especially during Transmart Full Day Sale program on Sunday (19/11/2023). Because in this program you can get big discounts for various products. This discount is valid at all outlets in Indonesia from when the shop opens until 22.00 local time.

Make sure you pay using Allo Prime, Bank Mega Credit Card or Mega Syariah, so you can get an additional discount of up to 20%. The following is a list of fish that are discounted at Transmart in various regions.

  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Bandung, Balikpapan and Padang normal price IDR 69,900/pack, discount to IDR 55,920/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Makassar normal price IDR 67,900/pack, discount to IDR 54,320/pack
  • Shisamo Fish at Transmart Central Java normal price IDR 59,900/pack, discount to IDR 47,920/pack
  • Shisamo Fish at Transmart Palu normal price IDR 73,999/pack, discount to IDR 59,199/pack
  • Shisamo Fish at Transmart Jabodetabek & Kupang normal price IDR 74,900/pack, discount to IDR 59,920/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Manado normal price IDR 72,600/pack, discount to IDR 58,080/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Medan normal price IDR 75,500/pack, discount to IDR 60,400/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Denpasar normal price IDR 80,000/pack, discount to IDR 64,000/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart Karawang normal price IDR 84,500/pack, discount to IDR 67,600/pack
  • Shisamo fish at Transmart East Java normal price IDR 64,900/pack, discount to IDR 51,920/pack

Apart from that, there are also other types of fish such as Dory Fish Fillets at Transmart Mataram, the normal price is IDR 6,690/100g, the discount is IDR 5,592/100g.

There are also various seafood meatballs at Transmart Pontianak, normal price IDR 3,720/100g, discount to IDR 2,976/pack. Then at Transmart Palembang the normal price is IDR 8,990/100g, the discount is IDR 7,192/pack.

At Transmart Pekanbaru, the normal price for various seafood meatballs is IDR 10,590/100g, the discount is IDR 8,472/pack. Meanwhile in Jambi, Lampung and Palangkaraya the normal price is IDR 8,990/100g, the discount is IDR 7,192/pack.

Cheap, right? So what are you waiting for, don’t regret missing the discount. Come on, come and visit Transmart on Sunday (19/11/2023).

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