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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk continues digital transformation to increase penetration of financial services (financial inclusion) in Indonesia. Through this Hybrid Bank Business Model, BRI provides effective, efficient and integrated banking services.

BRI President Director Sunarso emphasized that digital transformation has helped to quickly boost the banking industry, increase financial inclusion, and empower Ultra Micro, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which is one of BRI’s main focuses.

Sunarso revealed that the company’s ability and quality to provide services via digital platforms continues to increase. One of the successes of this digital transformation is in line with BRImo’s Super Apps transaction volume which grew by 66.87% yoy or reached IDR 2,984 trillion and the number of users reached 29.8 million users in September 2023.

“BRImo is present as mobile banking with various financial ecosystems in it. Super Apps and financial superstores with cross-border transaction capabilities. BRImo also attracts customers’ hearts because it is able to answer customer needs with more than 100 features in it,” explained Sunarso in a press release, Monday. (23/10/2023),

According to him, BRImo is the most downloaded mobile banking and has received positive reviews. On the App Store, BRI’s mobile banking received a rating of 4.7 and received around 123,000 positive reviews, while on the Google Play Store, BRImo received a rating of 4.5 and received 1.1 million positive reviews.

Sunarso added, apart from BRImo, BRI’s digital transformation was able to produce innovation in banking services with a sharing economy-based agency system.

“BRI’s smart selling agent (AgentBRILink) is able to answer the characteristics of customers at the grassroots economic level. Currently, there are still many customers who prefer to make banking transactions through agents,” he added.

Until September 2023, the AgenBRILink business was recorded as continuing to increase with the number of agents reaching more than 698 thousand agents and the total transaction value increasing 20.77% to IDR 1,163 trillion.

In line with the digital transformation carried out by BRI, UMi Holding is also strengthened with technology to further strengthen business processes. This step in digitalizing UMi Holding cannot be separated from the digital transformation implemented by BRI as a group.

Most recently, BRI together with Pegadaian and PNM launched the SenyuM Mobile application. This breakthrough provides equal and integrated access to formal financial services.

This application can be accessed by all levels of society, especially the ultra-micro segment and offers easy access to various formal financial products and services from 3 holding entities, namely BRI, Pegadaian, PNM).

Sunarso hopes that the presence of the SenyuM Mobile application can improve financial inclusion and people’s standard of living. Thus, SenyuM Mobile will play a strategic role in reaching the ultra-micro community to the deepest layers.

This application also allows ultra-micro customers to access the financial services of 3 entities directly while running a business, especially for savings and investment products. That way access to formal finance will be easier and very close to them.

In addition to digital transformation, BRI is also carrying out cultural transformation to accelerate service penetration. In this case, UMi holding formed the MADANI BRIGADE team.

This team is aimed at internalizing AKHLAK’s Core Values, accelerating the achievement of business targets and strategic initiatives, as well as strengthening the resilience of MSMEs and accelerating financial inclusion. The targeted Ultra Micro synergy will be able to serve new customers in the ultra micro segment and be able to drive the people’s economy.

As for the end of June 2023, this holding will distribute a total credit value of IDR 577.9 trillion. Not only that, UMi holding also serves 36 million customers and records customer deposits of up to IDR 309 trillion (only at BRI).

“BRI, as the parent of Ultra Micro Holding (UMi), continues to carry out transformation as an important milestone in the development of the MSME segment, especially ultra micro businesses in Indonesia,” explained Sunarso.

The formation of UMi Holding, continued Sunarso, was carried out to integrate state-owned companies that focus on services to the micro and ultra-micro segments. To be more efficient, use joint outlets, cross-sell products, and share systems.

Of the approximately 15,500 outlets used to serve ultra-micro and micro segment customers, 1,013 outlets are co-location outlets.

“Not only that, UMi Holding even provides assistance, coaching, improving skills, and also opens up market access so that their businesses can move up in class, develop further, and of course have a positive impact on the welfare of business actors,” he concluded.

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