6 Signs of Successful Children Visible From an Early Age, Number 4 is Surprising! Lifestyle – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It turns out that people’s success can be detected early. According to Child Psychologist and bestseller Shefali Tsabary, there are signs that a child is an extraordinary and talented person.

And, according to him, parents who don’t understand their children’s types will fail to respect and celebrate their children’s identities.

Here are the 6 types of children as summarized by CNBC Indonesia:

1. The Anxious Explosive

Often explodes, anxious, often talkative, irritable, and easily triggered by the slightest thing. The beauty of them is that they are very sensitive and easily offended. But this means they tend to absorb the anxiety around them.

And what do they do with it all? They explode!

To raise this type of child, be grounded, firm and calm. If you become reactive, whether in anger or anxiety, it can trigger a tsunami of emotions.

Praise them for their ability to process their environment, but also teach them to create the entertainment they need.

2. The Hyperactive Explorer

The hyperactive explorer can’t sit still and is never where you left him. These children are often labeled troublesome by parents and teachers because they can be very active in their minds and bodies. But their superpower is that they are very curious and engaged.

To raise this type, it is necessary to respect and not shame them for their passionate enthusiasm. Show them unconditional acceptance so they can accept themselves in a world that may repeatedly push them away.

3. The Bringer of Smiles

Overly happy people are like butter – soft and pliable, malleable and they are the perfect prey for parents who have a strong need for control.

They fill in the gaps, take over assignments, and earn gold stars. But because they really want to help, they often go too far and take over parental responsibilities. It can even be called an adult who is raised at home.

To raise this type of child, respect and teach them how to protect their boundaries. Remind them that their needs come first.

4. The Dreamer

Quiet dreamer children tend to be shy and introverted, and struggle with social and conversational skills.

You may often find them staring into space, doodling in their notebooks, or spending so much time alone that you wonder if they are even in the house.

Many people may try to say that they should be the opposite, that they should be more extroverted.

However, to raise this type of child, it is about helping them feel safe and highlighting their strengths.

5. Strong-Determined Rebel

They will not comply until they are sure that it is something they want to do. I know how hard it is for these kids. My daughter, Maia, is a rebel, and she has a confidence that makes her unafraid of authority.

These types of children need to feel appreciated for their determination. Let go of control and judgment.

6. The Bringer of Happiness and Luck

These kids are always laughing and in a good mood. They are not fussy, demanding or bossy. The only downside is that they can be too relaxed and seem unmotivated. As a result, some parents may think they are not ambitious enough.

Most parents don’t realize that this type of child is actually an expert in living in the present. Celebrate their positive approach to the world.

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