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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, Indonesia has again recorded an increase in cases of monkeypox infection after the discovery of the first case in 2022.

Along with the increase in cases, there are a number of assumptions regarding the transmission of monkey pox circulating in the community. One of these assumptions is that monkey pox can be transmitted through nose and mouth fluids or droplets.

So, is it true that monkey pox can be transmitted through droplets?

Chair of the PB IDI Monkey Pox Task Force, Dr. Hanny Nilasari, SpDV revealed that this rare zoonotic disease caused by monkeypox virus infection has the potential to be transmitted between humans through nose and mouth fluids or droplets. However, droplets are not the main way of transmission.

“The main spread of monkey pox is of course close contact with the skin, yes, with skin that has lesions and then also close sexual contact,” explained Dr. Hanny at an IDI online media meeting, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

Dr. Hanny said that monkey pox lesions generally appear in the genital area and outer skin. However, a number of patients showed the appearance of lesions around the oral cavity, increasing the risk of transmission via droplets.

“Mpox can also be transmitted via droplets because several reports have identified lesions around the oral cavity and around the tonsils or areas inside the mouth,” explained Dr. Hanny.

“So when a patient communicates very closely for a relatively long time and then the droplets can be infectious and can contain the virus,” he continued.

Even though the use of masks has not been a top priority in preventing the transmission of monkey pox, Dr. Hanny encouraged people to continue using masks as personal protection.

How monkey pox is transmitted

Quoting from the official WHO website, monkey pox can be transmitted to humans through physical contact with infected patients, contaminated objects, or infected animals.

In detail, the following is how monkey pox is transmitted due to contact with humans, animals and contaminated objects.

1. Inter-human

Transmission can occur through face-to-face contact (talking or exhaling), droplets, touching, kissing, or sexual intercourse.

2. Animals

Transmission can occur when hunting, skinning, or cooking infected animals.

3. Objects

Transmission can occur through contaminated bed linen, clothing or needles.

I4. Ma’am Pregnant

Pregnant women can transmit the virus that causes monkey pox to their unborn babies.

“Monkey pox can be prevented by avoiding physical contact with someone who is infected. In addition, vaccination can also help prevent infection for people at risk,” wrote WHO.

Update on Monkey Pox Cases in Indonesia

On the same occasion, Dr. Hanny revealed that based on data from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes RI) as of Monday (6/11/2023) at 19.00 WIB, the total number of cases of monkey pox in Indonesia was 35 cases.

“So, there have been 29 confirmed cases in DKI Jakarta. Then, there are five confirmed cases in West Java and one confirmed case in Banten so the current number of confirmed cases is 35 cases,” said Dr. Hanny.

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