4 Local Beauty Brands That Vocally Support Palestine Lifestyle – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaIsrael’s increasingly ferocious attacks on Gaza have made most of the world’s people move to voice support for Palestine, including brands from Indonesia.

Currently, local beauty brands in Indonesia already have high popularity. This is in line with the growing interest of Indonesian people in local brands.

A number of local beauty brands have also taken advantage of its popularity to voice support for Palestine. In fact, most of them expressed their support through their official Instagram accounts.

Here are four local beauty brands that support Palestine.

1. Teratu Beauty


Teratu Beauty is a locally owned beauty brand beauty influencers from Bandung, Alifah Ratu sells various products, such as serum, deodorant, facial moisturizer, lip care, perfume, hair care and body care.

On October 19 2023, Teratu Beauty via its official Instagram account (@teratubeauty) expressed support for Palestine by inviting all Instagram followers (followers) to donate through the Palestinian Embassy in Indonesia.

From river to sea, Palestine will be free #FreePalestine #SavePalestine,” wrote Teratu Beauty in the caption (caption), quoted Tuesday (31/10/2023).

“Come on, dear, and donate to our brothers and sisters in Palestine through the Palestine Embassay for Indonesia in Jakarta. Hopefully all our deeds of worship and those of our brothers and sisters in Palestine will be accepted by Allah SWT. Amen,” continued the same post.

In addition to calling for donations, Teratu Beauty is also offering a 50 percent discount on deodorant products, with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the Palestinian community. Meanwhile, the total product sold is 2,000 packages.

Based on search CNBC Indonesia, all deodorant sales have reached the target and officially closed on Monday (30/10/2023). In her upload, Teratu Beauty attached proof of transactions and conversations with the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C Indonesia).

“Alhamdulillah, on the 8th day of the Miracle Deo Powder Special Palestine Donation Campaign, we have reached the total target of 2000 pcs sold. With total donations collected IDR 18,487,500 & have been distributed via @mercindonesia,” wrote Teratu Beauty.

“Therefore Campaign We are officially ending this. God willing, there will be campaigncampaign next donation,” concluded Teratu Beauty.

2. Mother of Pearl (MOP Beauty)

MOP Beauty is a locally owned beauty brand beauty influencers, Tasya Farasya. Tasya Farasya is a public figure famous and has quite a big influence in the world of Indonesian beauty.

One form of Tasya’s influence in the world of Indonesian beauty is that a number of brands have flocked to put “Approved by Tasya Farasya” on every product that the 31 year old has reviewed and liked.

Even though they have not uploaded a post expressing support for Palestine, beauty product lovers in Indonesia have confirmed that MOP Beauty supports Palestine. Because, Tasya has uploaded a photo of support via her personal Instagram account (@tasyafarasya).

Photo taken 2014,” wrote Tasya in the caption of uploading a photo of herself using Palestinian attributes with the words ‘Free Palestine‘.

3. Game Skins

After disappearing from the beauty product market in Indonesia for some time, Michella Ham’s Skin Game has reappeared after updating the product packaging and formulation.

Besides ‘comeback‘, Skin Game also voiced support for Palestine by inviting followers to donate through the Palestinian Embassy in Indonesia.

“A ceasefire alone is not enough because it is only temporary. It is true that a definitive and permanent ceasefire must be implemented. We have always stood and will always stand with the Palestinian people,” wrote Skin Game via Instagram (@skingameofficial), Monday (30/10/ 2023).

In the same upload, Michella Ham also commented and apologized for the negligence regarding support for Palestine which was uploaded via her personal Instagram account (@michellalh).

“Hi friends, I’m Michella founder Game Skins. I want to admit I was wrong because in my previous personal post, I was address this issue as ‘war‘ supposedly ‘genocideand yes Palestine must win,” wrote Michella in the comments column.

“Thank you very much to friends on IG (Instagram) & X who have provided criticism and taught me! I will continue to learn,” concluded Michella.

4. BHUMI Skincare

Ahmad Rashed’s BHUMI Skincare is also one of the local beauty brands that supports Palestine.

Through an upload on the official Instagram account (@bhumiofficial), BHUMI Skincare expressed its condolences for all the victims who died in Gaza as a result of Israel’s brutal attacks.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent horrific attacks carried out by the Israeli Government against the people of Gaza,” wrote BHUMI Skincare.

Apart from expressing sympathy, BHUMI Skincare also asks for… followers to also voice support for Palestine. Apart from that, this product which sells various facial skin care products also asks the Indonesian people to provide valid information regarding the situation in Gaza.

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