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Good Friends, do you still remember the viral video of an elementary school student feeding her friend who doesn’t have perfect accomplices? They are Rizky and Marwah, a pair of 1st grade elementary school friends from Parigi Village, Tinggimoncong District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi.

Their friendship inspired many people and the video spread widely. When met by the merdekabaik.id team at the location, Marwah explained that he did the kind act of feeding his friend not because he wanted to be praised, but purely because he intended to help Rizky.

“Because it’s a pity that no one wants to bribe anymore. Yes, the rice falls down (if you eat it yourself),” said Marwah to the merdekabaik.id team.

Apparently Rizky (7) is also very warm with his friends his age. He, who can be driven by motorbike by his older sister, Mita, is always enthusiastic about school. Although there are many concerns that Rizky could be bullied, especially since it is not normal for Rizky to attend public schools.

Rizky’s teachers also appreciate Rizky and are always happy with his presence at school.

“I am happy and in my heart I am sad to see Rizky, but Rizky’s desire is very strong and very high to get an education at school,” said Sukiati, a teacher at Rizky’s school.

Even after school, Rizky’s smile never faded. He usually plays until the afternoon with Marwah and Salsa, the biological children of his eldest brother. Usually Rizky goes to play using a surfboard given to him by someone. With this surfboard, there is a lot of laughter and happiness in Rizky’s life.

Born with imperfect feet and hands, Rizky’s movements were limited. Initially, the late Mrs. Rizky went to a shaman when she was pregnant and was found to have an abnormality.

“When she was pregnant with Rizky, her mother was taken to the village shaman, it turned out she was pregnant, but the fetus was outside the womb. There was advice from the shaman to abort it, because the condition of the fetus was outside the womb, there might be abnormalities at birth. I told Rizky’s mother that she didn’t want to. Even though “Regardless of the child’s condition, I still accept it. It is impossible for a child to be born into the world if there is no good fortune. Rizky will definitely bring good fortune,” said Lani, Rizky’s father.

Lani became a single parent after his late wife died half a year ago due to a serious illness. Every day, he works as a maker of wooden window and door frames. Lani also shared stories about her new house. The house was built because Rizky did not want to live far from his mother’s grave.

“After Rizky’s mother died, I built a house here because Rizky didn’t want to go back to his house in the village. Rizky wanted to live near his mother’s grave, because he said it would be sad if his mother was in the grave alone, with no one to accompany him. So Rizky said to me, “I I want to live here, sir, I don’t want to go home.” So I tried to build a house here first,” said Lani.

As Lani gets older, she is not as strong as before to carry Rizky to school. So that responsibility was taken over by Mita, his eldest daughter. Every day Mita sets aside time to care for Rizky. He carries out his late mother’s last mandate to always look after Rizky.

“Father couldn’t carry Rizky very far, he wasn’t strong enough, his waist hurt. Because every day, Rizky got bigger. However, I couldn’t complain. Who else would carry Rizky if not me? I couldn’t complain because what else could it be like? Mother said. “‘Later when mother dies, don’t abandon your sister’,” said Rizky’s older sister, Mita.

Even though he doesn’t have perfect legs and arms, Rizky never gives up. Mita shared a story about Rizky’s feelings about living with imperfect feet and hands. However, Rizky’s answer directly hit Mita’s consciousness to be more grateful for her life.

“When Rizky was asked ‘where are your legs’, I asked ‘what did you answer’, he answered ‘God didn’t give me legs’. Rizky was not hurt. Even though those of us who are physically perfect still often complain, Rizky never complained,” said Mita to the merdekabaik.id team.

#GoodFriends, Rizky is not physically perfect but he never stops being grateful. Rizky’s story is an inspiration to continue to provide kindness sincerely regardless of anything.

You can also do good to Rizky to keep him enthusiastic about living his life by sharing a little of your good fortune through donations at merdekabaik.id. Donations that will be distributed to Rizky will be given 100% without any deductions! Come on, start doing good today!

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